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Binance Marketplace: A Super App for Spending Crypto – A Complete Guide for Beginners

Binance Marketplace is the ultimate online platform where we can use cryptocurrencies for multiple purposes like selling, buying, and payment solutions. Binance Marketplace can be best understood as the one-stop shop offering all services required to manage our lifestyles.

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Binance Marketplace Guide Article


Binance Marketplace is a new way to spend your crypto to improve your lifestyle by utilizing an advanced digital and decentralized financial system. But the question arises is it possible to purchase travelling tickets, and groceries, and to pay hotel and utility bills? This article copes with such crypto-related spending problems and explains ‘Binance Marketplace’ as the best solution for spending cryptocurrencies to regulate our lifestyle. 

Binance Marketplace is the ultimate online platform where we can use cryptocurrencies for multiple purposes like selling, buying, and payment solutions. Binance Marketplace can be best understood as the one-stop shop offering all services required to manage our lifestyles. Binance Marketplace offers all-in-one and acts as a one-stop shop where you can spend your crypto safely and securely to manage your lifestyle.

One must have a Binance application to access Binance Marketplace. You will have to log in to your Binance application, access Binance Marketplace and you’ll see a list of merchants who accept Binance-supported cryptocurrencies for sale and purchase.

We can purchase a wide range of products through Binance Pay which is considered a safe and reliable way of payment. Binance Pay charges zero fees upon sending, receiving and transferring the cryptocurrencies through Binance Wallet.

In this article, we shall discuss the overall concept of Binance Marketplace, Which things we can do on Binance Marketplace?  Top trending Binance Marketplace and What the merchants have to offer on Binance Marketplace? How one can become a merchant over Binance Marketplace?

What Can We Do Using Binance Marketplace App?

More than 50 top merchants on Binance Marketplace offer various services related to our daily lives. You can use Binance Marketplace for different services like shopping, travelling, trading, payments and other purposes. As mentioned before Binance Marketplace is a one-stop shop, so there is a list of things you can do on Binance Marketplace. 

Binance marketplace offers advanced, secure and reliable payment solutions through crypto in a convenient way. You can also earn rewards for simply using the platform for crypto payments.

Binance markeplace guide article's details

Through the Binance marketplace, we can do a lot of things like getting exclusive offers on games and payments, discounts, hotel stays, travelling, ride-sharing, and paying for subscriptions, courses, and dining bills through Binance Pay.

Here are four top things you can do through Binance Pay and Binance Marketplace.

1.      Travelling and Tourism

Binance Marketplace has been integrated with Travala which offers travelling services. So you can pay your travelling, hotel staying and dining dues with different cryptocurrencies available on Binance.

There is a wide range of luxury hotels that accept crypto payments and orders coming through Binance Marketplace. Travala also provides services for purchasing flight tickets, booking a hotel or a restaurant, fun activities and tempting trips for tourists.

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Kiss&Fly, a prominent website for flights is also integrated with Binance Pay. This website offers affordable travelling plans and suits best to crypto users. Moreover, Ariva World, Travoofey and Farvater also accept crypto payments made through Binance Pay and Binance Marketplace.

2.      Shared Ride

Splyt ridesharing is also integrated with Binance Marketplace and accepts crypto payments. Splyt ridesharing has more than 2 billion users and works at a global level with different travelling firms like Grab and Uber.

3.      Shopping

You can purchase Gift Vouchers using BUSD from e-commerce giants like Target, Best Buy, Ebay, Walmart and Amazon. Shopping is the most fascinating thing that lets you purchase your desired item by crypto.

Through Binance Marketplace, you can shop from big and small merchants based on your budget. You can shop and place your order from multiple regions of the world through Binance Marketplace and make online crypto payments.

4.      Purchase Mobiles and Game

You can also pay for mobile games, top-ups and different cellular devices available on Binance Marketplace in BUSD. Some prominent companies like BytePopUp (Karaoke), TokenStore (gaming), and Alpha Mobile (mobile credit) are affiliated with Binance Marketplace.

Top Binance Marketplaces

Binance Marketplace has attracted millions of users due to its dynamic features which have eased the life of people. Here are the top six signatures of Binance Marketplace that you should try;

1.   Binance Launchpad
 Get early access as soon as possible to the new projects introduced in the Binance Launchpad. By having Binance Launchpad, you can track all former successful programs including The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, Harmony One, and Polygon (MATIC) integrated with the Binance Launchpad page on CoinMarketCap.

2.   Binance Liquid Swap
 You can earn rewards by becoming a swap trader or liquidity provider over Binance Liquid Swap.

3.   Mobile Top-Up
 You can get cashback and phone credit by using the Mobile Top-Up feature of Binance Marketplace.

4.   Binance DeFi Wallet
 Through this feature, you can hold your digital assets in your self-custodial wallets and use them across various blockchains for different purposes.

5.   Binance NFT Marketplace
 Binance NFT Marketplace is the latest feature of Binance Marketplace that lets users have access to the NFT collections over BNB Chain and Ethereum (ETH). Users can sell and purchase NFTs based on their budget and interest.

6.   Binance Live
 Binance Live offers live-streaming educational videos by which a novice can learn a lot about the crypto industry.

Binance Marketplace Accessibility

Binance Marketplace is very easily accessible, all you need is to get a Binance Account and you can enjoy the dynamic features of Binance Marketplace.  You can easily access Binance Marketplace by following the given steps;

  • Log into Your Binance Account
  • Visit Home Page
  • Scroll down to the option of ‘Binance Marketplace’ and click on Binance Marketplace Mode

Merchants over Binance Marketplace

Binance Marketplace is best known for its space for both small and big merchants. Currently, there are approximately 50 merchants available on the Binance Marketplace which is a small number for now as Binance Marketplace is expanding from time to time.

The merchants working over Binance Marketplace are becoming compelling because of the rapidly growing crypto sector. More than 50 cryptocurrencies are available to spend in the Binance Marketplace including Bitcoin (BTC) and BNB.

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Merchants can have multiple benefits by offering their services on the Binance Marketplace which are given below;

  • They can earn in crypto in different 50 digital assets
  • They can target native or global customers with the built-in option in Binance
  • Merchants can work in a user-friendly environment as they’d have a reliable payment method in the form of Binance Pay
  • They can create custom payment links and can directly share them with the customers
  • They can use the QR codes for order place placement and tracking
  • They can earn maximum by paying low fees to the Binance Marketplace platform

How to Register As a Merchant on the Binance Marketplace?

Registering over Binance Marketplace as a merchant is quite convenient. You can click here or check the official page for registration. Upon registration, you’ll have several options to opt from i.e., Direct Merchant, Channel Partner and Sub Merchant.

New merchants can create a demo account for practice before becoming an actual merchant in Binance Marketplace. These newly registered merchants will have the ability to click through the merchant dashboard and can test APIs-integrated Binance Pay for payments. After getting much awareness, one can convert that demo account into an actual merchant account.

Final Verdict

Binance Marketplace has changed people’s perspective on how one can explore the world by spending cryptocurrencies just like they do with their traditional finance. It has made the world a global village by which we can explore the world, purchase, sell and earn by becoming a merchant.

As the crypto industry is flourishing day by day, there is a lot to come and Binance Marketplace is also adopting new advancements to entertain the customers in a better way. Binance Marketplace is the best, most convenient and a reliable place to spend crypto. 

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