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Bitcoin (BTC) Creator Satoshi Nakamoto’s Identity Unveils on Social Media

Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity reportedly revealed on X by Andy Rowe, a friend of Craig Wright, stirring controversy in the crypto world.

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Satoshi Nakamoto's identity revealed on twitter

It appears that the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto (the creator of the top cryptocurrency Bitcoin) has been disclosed on X. Andy Rowe is the person behind the X-based account of Satoshi Nakamoto and he is reportedly Craig Wright’s friend, as he spread rumours about this on X. Wright spread the rumours about this yesterday with a post that he shared yesterday.

Rumours Say the Account of Satoshi Nakamoto Is Operated by Craig Wright’s Friend

He mentioned that he carried out substantial discussions with the person operating the X account that has the name “Satoshi Nakamoto.” This is the pseudonym of the person responsible for developing Bitcoin back in the year 2008. As per him, the account’s operator is necessarily his friend Andy Rowe. Alexander Fauvel shared a post on this and Satoshi Nakamoto’s account posted it again on X.

Readers make notes on each post that Satoshi Nakamoto shares. Some of them noted that the account was fake and owned by Craig Wright. According to them, he asserts to be the real Satoshi however provides no proof in this respect. The self-styled Satoshi Nakamoto’s profile has been developed just in the year 2018. This was nearly 7 years following the disappearance of the real Bitcoin creator.

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His post declared that Satoshi was reactivating the profile. The profile has a blue checkmark and is verified on X. Nonetheless, the respective thing does not signify that the true identity of the owner is accurate. Moreover, it would be senseless for a person utilizing a pseudonym for anonymity as the creator of Bitcoin.

Pledditor Directly Requests Elon Musk to Delete the Fake Account

Satoshi Nakamoto’s profile’s revival has fueled many rumours among the participants of the cryptocurrency community. Pledditor’s account on X is leading in confronting it, saying that it was embarrassing. He directly requested Elon Musk to delete the respective fake account.

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