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Bitcoin (BTC) to Hit New ATH after Halving, Reveals Bitget Survey

Discover insights from Bitget’s recent survey: 78% of crypto investors anticipate a Bitcoin surge post-halving, while 70% plan to increase holdings on the secure Bitget trading platform.

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Bitcoin Surges Amid US Banking Instability Warnings

A recent survey conducted by Bitget reveals that 78% of crypto investors believe that Bitcoin (BTC) will pump after halving and hit a new all-time high (ATH). Following the suit, 70% of the investors are planning to add more to their existing holdings.

Bitget, considered to be the most secure and reliable crypto trading platform has conducted a study regarding Bitcoin’s price. In the study, crypto investors were asked to give their expert opinions about crypto. In the survey, approximately 10,000 investors were contacted and the majority of the crypto investors predicted that Bitcoin is going to revive and will hit a new ATH after halving.

Regional Variations and Bullish Bets

84% of the crypto investors based in South East Asia, East Asia and America seemed to be optimistic about the bullish trend of Bitcoin. They believe that it is more likely that BTC will hit and go beyond $69,000 setting new ATH. Moreover, investors of East Europe and West Europe also vowed the same slogan about the long-term trend of BTC’s bullish outlook.

Bitcoin halving impact on its price

During the halving, people have different predictions about Bitcoin prices. On average worldwide, most think it will be between $30,000 and $60,000, but 30% believe it will go above $60,000. Latin America is particularly optimistic, with almost half expecting prices to soar beyond $60,000.

BTC Price Prediction

World’s Faith in Bitcoin (BTC)

The research looks at the upcoming positive phase in the market. About 55% of investors expect Bitcoin to be valued between $50,000 and $100,000 in the next bullish market.

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Some (8%) are even more optimistic, dreaming of prices surpassing $150,000. This high optimism is particularly strong in Latin America and MENA regions, which are already excited about the upcoming halving event.

BTC expected price

The Bitget study shows how people worldwide feel about Bitcoin just before a crucial time. Even though there are some differences in different places, the main message is clear: most investors think Bitcoin will do well in the future. They believe the halving event will bring a new phase of rising prices and widespread use.

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