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Bitcoin’s 12-Year Slumber Concludes as Whales Gather Massive Holdings

Discover the story of a digital giant awakening after 12 years, transferring 500 BTC worth $35 million, sparking market concerns.

Claudia Fischer



Bitcoin’s 12-Year Slumber Concludes as Whales Gather Massive Holdings

The biggest crypto Bitcoin’s recent vertical gains resulted in an exclusive all-time high price of nearly $73,000. The respective price movement has increased a time of excitement in the crypto sphere while Bitcoin whales are holding huge amounts of tokens.

One of these whales recently came to the front after a silence of nearly twelve years. This giant has up to 500 BTC tokens in its holdings which it first obtained just for $4,000 in 2012.

12-Year-Old Slumbering Whale Emerges Before Bitcoin Halving, Raising Concerns

The whale has transacted the entire amount, which has an approximate value of nearly $35M, to several exclusive addresses. The sudden emergence of the respective whale as well as others has astonished the market.

In addition to this, the incident is raising apprehensions regarding a likely looming sale. The hazard of a big sell-off is influential, especially at a point when the halving event is coming in April.

BTC transaction status

Bitcoin halvings cut the number of the latest BTC becoming a part of the circulation by 50%. As per the historical reports, there have been some links between these events as well as the price dips.

Nonetheless, a few experts think that the industry has made endeavours to minimize the hazard of a substantial price slump. Formerly, when Bitcoin touched the $60,000 spot, a giant sell-off began and threatened the entire market.

Giant BTC Holders Leverage the Current Price to Make Profits

As a result of that, the price of the token plunged from $69,000 to $58,000 within a day. Thanks to a spike in demand for the latest BTC ETFs, the token is reaching the latest record heights.

 The sudden activity of such whales indicates strategy-based manoeuvring of the assets in line with future movements. Otherwise, they might just be leveraging the present high prices of Bitcoin to gain some profit.

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