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Burger King Now Accepts Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies as Payment for Paris-based Customers

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Burger King is an international fast-food franchise with shops popping up in all corners of the world. Recently, this fast food distributor has attracted attention for introducing the Instapower option.

It is a power bank rental service that is accessible to its cl ients using cryptocurrency-based payments. However, the option is only limited to the Paris locations of Burger King. These power bank machines are backed by Binance Pay and Alchemy Pay.

It means that the users who wish to access these services can make payments in the form of cryptocurrencies if they have a Binance or Alchemy account. Meanwhile, Instapower is known as one of the best power backup services available in the world.

Even when the new service is limited to the Paris region, clients across 14k locations will be able to benefit from them.

Commercial Enterprises are Using Bitcoin to Attract more Customers

In the last few years, many commercial enterprises have adopted cryptocurrency payment as a marketing gimmick. These adoptions indicate the increasing interest of users around the globe in cryptocurrencies.

The attempt of Burger King to adopt cryptocurrencies can be viewed in the same line. Burger King’s crypto payments partner Alchemy has released a press statement that entails that consumers around the globe will soon be able to access these services.

It is important to mention that while the walk-in consumers are visiting the franchises in Paris, they might be able to recharge their cell phones, laptop, and other devices on a rental basis.

The partnership between Burger King and crypto payment gateways is seen as a major milestone for both sectors. In the current financial and economic environment most businesses are struggling to make a profit and stay afloat.

Yann Phu is the CEO of European distribution at InstaPower. Speaking about the latest venture he claimed that the company is excited about this rendezvous.

He explained that the consumers of the fast food franchise would be able to charge their devices on the go with Instapower. He also claimed that power banks are all the rage in Asian markets.

However, the company has been working diligently to find a way into the European markets and consumers. Therefore, giving them the option to try it out as a rental and enabling crypto-based payments for them with Alchemy and Binance is a great initiative.  

Many businesses have switched to cryptocurrency payment methods since it is borderless and reduce the hassle for forex conversions. Alchemy introduced the first hybrid payment option in 2019 and has served 2 million commercial enterprises since then.

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