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Changex Merges CeFi and DeFi with an Innovative CeDeFi App

Web3 Space’s new CeDeFi application has the hybrid qualities of both centralized finance (CeFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi).

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As the self-custody movement is gaining momentum day by day, Web3 space has introduced an application offering hybrid services. This new CeDeFi application has the hybrid qualities of both centralized finance and decentralized finance.

In the past decade, DeFi (Decentralized Finance) has made its place in finance as it has eased the community related to finance. Moreover, DeFi has given tough competition to centralized finance (CeFi) also known as Traditional Finance (TradFi). DeFi tackled the monopoly of banks that kept the community financial restrictions. Now, Changex has developed a new CeDeFi application to cope with such a monopoly, which offers DeFi and TradFi hybrid services.

CeDeFi App: A Potential Solution for Finance

Changex is launching a new CeDeFi application in the Web3 space, which will be unique. This application has the ability to handle centralized Finance and decentralized finance on a single platform. This app would ease the users’ experience regarding self-custody of digital assets eliminating the interference of banks.

Self-custody of digital assets is getting heat these days and Web3 space is evolving rapidly. Changex introduced this CeDeFi app to make the self-custody of digital assets more convenient and more secure by merging traditional finance and decentralized finance. It is believed that this would eliminate the monopoly of intermediate banks and would make the users financially free of the baseless limits.

Hybrid Service of CeDeFi App

Changex is an all-in-one cellular wallet which embraces the newly introduced CeDeFi model. It offers hybrid and advanced financial services but in a familiar environment. This app is based on a user-friendly model in Web3 space to tackle the challenges of traditional finance by merging it with decentralized finance.

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Changex’s CeDeFi app empowers users to have better control of their digital assets and offers non-custodial cryptocurrency trading. It supports the selling, purchasing and transferring of digital assets. Moreover, it also supports bank transference and debit cards. Multiple Blockchains i.e., Binance, Polygon, and Ethereum Smart Chains are integrated with this application.

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