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Chinese Clients of Worldcoin Move Toward Iris Scans from Africa and Cambodia

Claudia Fischer



Worldcoin, the crypto project developed by Sam Altman of OpenAI, is currently going through a controversy. Recently, reports published by local news outlets have pointed out that people in Chinese jurisdiction are unable to straightly take part in the upcoming token distribution of Worldcoin. Such people are moving toward non-traditional ways to ensure their participation.

Worldcoin’s Chinese Consumers Purchase Cheap Iris Scans from Africa and Cambodia to Deceive Its System

The respective individuals are attempting to leverage the interconnectedness within the world. In this way, they are getting iris scans in distant areas of the world taking into account Africa and Cambodia. This amazing development brings to the front the extent to which people are ready to go to get a share of the respective digital currency.

In the digital-asset sector, Worldcoin has turned out to be a considerably anticipated project. It is determined to offer an exclusive crypto token. The respective token will be dispensed among the people who can make their exclusive identities. The chief technique to do this takes into account going through an iris scan via “orbs” (the devices utilized by the project).

These devices are utilized to scan the irises of people to validate their authenticity as well as humanness. In addition to this, people are also offered rewards in Worldcoin tokens for undergoing the respective procedure. In this respect, a huge sum of more than 1.7M individuals has registered to be a part of the distribution. A majority of these people is belonging to the regions within the southern portions of the world.

Nonetheless, the date of the project’s launch is getting closer and unscrupulous people are moving toward techniques to trick the system. These measures raise concerns as well as a contentious situation is being sparked as a result. Recently, a Chinese news platform expressed caution over this matter on its official Twitter channel.

It disclosed that the people within the country are making efforts to buy iris scans developed in Africa and Cambodia at extremely decreased prices like $30. The respective scans are procured via dubious means. They permit people to avoid the authentication procedures. Along with this, the individuals using them can likely access Worldcoin tokens.

Spokesperson Says the Number of People Doing This Is Limited

With these devices, the respective access would not require compliance with the essential criteria. A spokesperson from the platform also commented on this matter. The spokesperson acknowledged the seriousness of the situation and responded to the surprising events in a noted statement. Apart from admitting that such instances took place, the spokesperson stressed that the issue was restricted to a considerably minor group of people.

As per the spokesperson, the number of such people is evaluated to be equal to some hundred. Back in March 2023, the crypto project witnessed the problem of dealing with account theft. In this regard, it published a blog post and underscored the importance of resilient security measures maintaining their system’s integrity.

To deal with the illegal trade of credentials related to proof-of-personhood, Worldcoin formed a mechanism for consumers to recover their World ID’s control. A World ID is known as a validated account connected to the token distribution. In the words of Worldcoin, consumers can recover their World ID but require going through a second scan that would require the use of orbs. Hence, it attempts to discourage illegal activities.

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