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Coinbase Receives Regulatory Approval in Bermuda for an Off-Shore Exchange

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Only a day following the declaration about a potential relocation, the top United States-based crypto exchange Coinbase has expressed its exclusive achievement. As per the exchange, the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BME) has provided it with a Class F license in line with the Digital Asset Business Act. This event has ignited speculation around the crypto community regarding a potential exit to be witnessed by the platform from the US.

Bermuda Offers License to Coinbase for Crypto Exchange Services

It is thought that this development may assist the crypto exchange in getting rid of the ongoing stringent regulatory scrutiny conducted by the US regulatory agencies. After the obtained license, the platform reportedly has a strategy to launch an offshore company for derivatives exchange. The reports point out that this move can take place a few days later.

As a result of this, the offshore crypto exchange platform will let Coinbase exchange perpetual swaps linked to crypto assets. As mentioned in the report, a Class F license has been given to Coinbase to let it get involved in diverse operations. These activities include token sales as well as issuance. Along with this, the license also permits the crypto company to play the role of a crypto exchange in addition to offering services dealing with crypto derivatives.

The crypto exchange stated that Bermuda was selected by it to be its international hub because it has comprehensively experienced the financial regulations of the jurisdiction. Coinbase disclosed that Bermuda is categorized among the initial financial hubs which authorized wide-ranging regulation for digital assets back in 2018.

According to the company, Bermuda’s regulatory sphere is popular because of its enormous compliance, rigor, cooperation, and transparency. It is noteworthy that the latest news was revealed alongside the announcement by Coinbase to broaden its worldwide expansion with the launch of regulated platforms.

Apart from that, up till now, it has made considerable progress in the case of the jurisdictions such as the United Arab Emirates, Europe, Singapore, Canada, and Brazil. The US-based crypto entity pointed out that its worldwide expansion-related approach will be aligned with its approach to the United States. In this respect, the platform asserted that it will keep on operating in collaboration with regulatory organizations and governments.

According to the company, it will endeavor to become the most compliant and trusted crypto firm in all the markets. On Tuesday, the chief executive officer of Coinbase “Brian Armstrong” demanded clearer regulations for crypto in both the United Kingdom and the United States. In this regard, he also spoke about the potential consequences of the present scenario.

Brian Armstrong Says Jurisdictions with Clear Regulations Are Less Intimidating for Crypto Market’s Legitimacy

Armstrong mentioned that the crypto platforms may feel compelled to move offshore if the current stringent and ambiguous regulations are not modified. The CEO pointed toward the failure of FTX (the Bahamas-based crypto exchange that is now defunct) to be the evidence of the requirement for unambiguous regulations. Armstrong believes the locations offering less regulatory oversight are less risky to the crypto industry’s legitimacy.

As the crypto market is getting more famous around the globe, governments are attempting to impose the existing regulations. Keeping that in view, the deficient regulatory agendas have led diverse countries to approach crypto regulation differently. Due to that, it has become hard for Coinbase and other such firms to run efficiently while abiding by the law.

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