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ConsenSys Pays Head to Digital Privacy and Ownership in Its Worldwide Web3 Survey

According to the platform, it has given huge importance to data privacy and ownership in the digital world.

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ConsenSys, a well-known Ethereum technology offering platform, has just disclosed its worldwide report for Web3 perception. According to the platform, it has given huge importance to data privacy and ownership in the digital world. The findings of the report are generally optimistic irrespective of the present deficiency in operations concerning the digital assets.

ConsenSys Focuses on Digital Privacy and Ownership in the Recent Worldwide Survey Concerning Web3

The platform has just disclosed a survey that spanned fifteen jurisdictions with more than 15,000 people. The respective survey targets revealing people’s regional and worldwide perception of the metaverse, blockchain, NFTs, crypto assets, and Web3. The study disclosed that ninety-two percent of the respondents around the world are in knowledge of crypto assets.

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Nonetheless, it also pointed out that just eight percent of people are acquainted with the concept of Web3. As per the company, this signifies a disconnect between the understanding of Web3 and crypto assets. Several are of the view that Web3 has the potential to bring the impending evolutionary stage in the field of the internet. They are of the view that the internet is transforming from web2 to web3.

Survey Respondents Acknowledge Web3’s Contribution to Offering Digital Ownership over Clients’ Identity

The Web2 sector is controlled by tech as well as scam-riddled giants in social media. On the other hand, Web3 promises a decentralized internet offering additional digital ownership and privacy. Fifty percent of the survey’s respondents claimed that Web3 adds more value to the existing internet type.

Furthermore, seventy-nine percent brought to the front that they intended additional control concerning online identity. This displays a desire for additional privacy and ownership. Apart from that, ConsenSys stated that the survey’s findings stress the significance of assisting people in comprehending how they can get additional ownership concerning their identity with Web3.

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