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Court Penalizes a Woman for Hiring a Hitman with Crypto to Assassinate Ex-Husband

Claudia Fischer



In recent years, a great spike has been witnessed in the rate of the activities performed by malicious actors on the dark web with the use of cryptocurrency. This rise has resulted in several horrifying incidents. Several such bad actors utilize Bitcoin for their operations. Such an incident has paved the way for chilling consequences. The mastermind of the respective event was Kristy Lynn Felkins.

An American Woman Receives a Penalty of Five Years for Plotting the Assassination of Her Ex-Husband via a Crypto Hitman

The culprit is a thirty-eight-year-old woman who lives in Nevada. She had the intention to carry out the evil deed of assassinating her ex-husband. Keeping that in view she moved toward hiring a hitman to effectively execute the respective plan. She was also aware that crypto assets are utilized to perform financial transfers anonymously. To hire the hitman, the woman used the dark net and cryptocurrency.

Following that, a series of shocking events was unleashed. Due to that, the online anonymity as well as the criminal intent’s foundations trembled. The respective disturbing narrative started back in the year 2016. That was the time when Felkins began interacting with a dark net-based platform from where she expected to hire a hitman for assassination. Nonetheless, the respective web portal was just a scam and façade.

The respective website was operating on the dark net just to prey on the unsuspecting clients pursuing the ominous services. After that, a pseudonymous hitman deceived Felkins by promising to carry out the malicious deed in return for a huge amount of Bitcoin (nearly $5,000). When Felkins appeared in court, she admitted her guilt. In this respect, she made a statement regarding her intentions.

In this respect, the woman pointed out that killing her ex-husband was not the only intention of the culprit. She moved on to express indifference to the health of the new partner of her ex-husband. In this way, she coldly disregarded any damage that might be experienced by her during the whole planned assassination of her ex-husband.

 Additional investigations regarding the matter brought to the front the shocking motive of Felkins. She expected to obtain a significant payout of her ex-husband’s life insurance after his demise. This added to a chilling financial benefit to her vile plot. Felkins’ plot seemed all too actual to her because she inquired if the murder could be made appear as a rand violent act. The respective question indicates the pre-planned and cold mindset of the woman.

The Culprit Pleads Guilty to Get a Lenient Sentence

This plan was powered by Felkins’ desire to circumvent any suspicion and justice. Nevertheless, the legal proceedings were further unfolded, and the eventual guilty plea of Felkins to a charge of hiring an assassin for murdering her ex-husband. By doing this she attempted to escape a long trial to escape the revelation of her evil intent. To get a considerably lenient sentence, Felkins carried out a contract with federal prosecutors, admitting her wicked strategy.

A California-based US District Court delivered a verdict, in this case, to provide justice to the respective saga. Felkins received a prison sentence of 5 years because of her engagement in the plot of attempting to murder by hiring an assassin. In addition to this, the case brings to the front the alarming and dark junction of Bitcoin and anonymity on the internet, presenting a great threat to the digital society.

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