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Crypto Report Says Only 6 Bitcoin Billionaires Exist in the World

A Crypto enriched report by Hanley & Partners reveals insights into the world of crypto billionaires and millionaires among 425 million investors.

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Numerous people have invested in crypto. However, a unique report makes claims about the billionaires and millionaires in the world of crypto assets, especially Bitcoin. In general, hundreds of millions of crypto investors exist within the world. They have crypto investments in Bitcoin as well as the rest of the digital currencies. In exact terms, 425M people currently utilize crypto, as per the Crypto Wealth Report that Hanley & Partners published.

Recent Crypto Report Counts Billionaires in the Crypto World

The platform that provides consultancy on investment migration issued the report on Tuesday. The report says that crypto assets may no longer witness the huge progress that they witnessed during their popularity. However, it added, this sector still operates as a considerably common investment. For instance, more than fifty percent of the new generation aged between eighteen and twenty-five has made crypto investments.

This was mentioned in a recent report. The Investor Education Foundation of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the CFA Institute showed the respective report. According to the report, 75% of US citizens suspect the secure crypto investment at present. In April this year, Pew Research conducted a survey.

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Fifteen percent of the surveyed people said that their investments went beyond the expectations. On the other hand, 45% of them mentioned that the investments were below the expectations. Nonetheless, a few appear to have witnessed increased achievement in the crypto sector.

It Claims that There Exist Only 6 BTC Billionaires

The worth of their current holdings is in billions and millions in terms of US dollars, Henley & Partners added. The report also says that up to 88,200 people possess crypto assets having a worth of approximately $1M. This is less than one percent of the crypto clients in general.  It also revealed that only twenty-two people hold $1B in crypto. 6 of the respective investors are Bitcoin billionaires.

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