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Crypto Scams Arise: Swyftx Introduces a Crypto Education Platform “Earn and Learn”

Australian crypto exchange Swyftx launches ‘Earn and Learn’ project to educate Aussies about crypto amid rising demand and global scams.

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Swyftx, an Australian cryptocurrency exchange has realized the need to spread awareness reading the crypto industry. As the demand for cryptocurrency is increasing rapidly in the region, Aussies must know about its pros and cons.

During the bearish market, the number of scams has been significantly recorded around the globe. Australia-based cryptocurrency exchange Swyftx has introduced the ‘Earn and Learn’ project to educate Aussies about the crypto industry.

Australia’s ‘Earn and Learn’ Project

Swyftx, one of the significant cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia is going to launch a new program named “Earn and Learn”. This is going to be an educational platform which will reward the users who will enrol themselves. In this program, Swyftx will educate Aussies about the basics of the crypto industry and precautionary measures regarding crypto scams.

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This educational platform is going to be launched tomorrow, the 6th of September 2023.  Swyftx is going to launch this project amid the rising crypto-scams in Australia. In this program, enrolled persons will be taught about the facts and figures related to crypto scams and how we can save ourselves. Swyftx will give rewards to those who enrol and complete the course.

 ‘Learn and Earn’ Project is the Need of Hour

Tom Matthews, head of the corporate affairs of Swyftx exchange shared his views while announcing the new project. He says that it is the best time to educate Aussies as the crypto industry is fully regulated around the globe. The majority is getting benefits from the crypto industry and few are suffering at the hands of scammers. So, keeping in mind such a scenario, we must do something about it.

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Swyftx’s newly launched project will reward the enrolled persons who will complete the course. In the ‘Learn and Earn’ project will assist Aussies to better understand the regulation of crypto industry and how to prevent scams. Matthews said that, by this platform, people will get to know about different types of scams involving pump-and-dump, social media scams like pig butchering and spurious tokens scams. He believes that this is going to be a comprehensive crypto-related project.

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