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De.Fi Introduces an Antivirus Tool on Mainnet of zkSync Era

The antivirus software shields users from typical harmful crypto attacks like phishing, smart contract flaws, blind signing, and others.

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De.Fi, a prominent product devoted to the management of crypto assets, recently launched its antivirus instrument on the popular blockchain named zkSync Era, as reported by a representative from the company. The structure of De.Fi’s antivirus instrument focuses on the protection of the clients against several common malicious exploits within the crypto market.

De.Fi Launches an Antivirus Instrument on zkSync Era Blockchain’s Mainnet

In addition to this, the respective antivirus instrument is also effective in shielding consumers against the vulnerabilities related to smart contracts. Moreover, it can also offer protection against blind signing along with several other things. According to the statistics, the increasing exploits and hacks took away a huge amount of the crypto traders’ hard-earned money.

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In this respect, the crypto trading parties lost more than $300 million because of such incidents just in the recent month. As per the reports, the chief reasons behind the largest hazards in the crypto market were dealing with the crypto market. With the help of the latest development, the clients can reach the security instruments by just linking wallets to the De.Fi platform or via scanning addresses of smart contracts.

Users Can Utilize the Service to Deal with Several Vulnerabilities in Real Time

Representatives from De.Fi pointed out that the customers of zkSync Era can revoke likely hazards from any token built by the blockchain in real-time. Apart from that, they can also handle the risks of dealing with trading vaults or NFTs.

The respective service asserts to continuously monitor and scan more than thirty thousand smart contracts that are deployed on zkSync Era for exclusive vulnerabilities and threats in real-time. Marco Cora, a senior executive operating at Matter Labs (the company responsible for developing zkSync), claimed that permissionless protocols offer freedom by permitting everyone to take part in the ecosystem of Ethereum.

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