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Dogecoin Dev Speaks Out on DOGE Payments in X

The integration of crypto assets like DOGE would be quite interesting for the consumers, offering them ease in purchases.

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‘Mishaboar,’ a pseudonymous developer operating under the prominent memecoin ‘Dogecoin’ has recently ignited debates on the payments. The developer took to X to talk about the possibility related to the payments with the use of DOGE (the native token of Dogecoin) on X. The idea of making payments on the social media platform running under Elon Musk has led to community anticipation.

DOGE DEV Highlights the Possibilities of DOGE’s Integration into X Payment Mechanism

The well-known developer has particularly focused on the likely integration of Dogecoin with X. The integration of crypto assets like DOGE would be quite interesting for the consumers, offering them ease in purchases. Since the acquisition of X by the famous entrepreneur Elon Musk in 2022’s October, several speculations have emerged.

Crypto community members have been severally pointing out the possibilities of DOGE’s incorporation into the payment system of X. Musk has made several hints in this respect along with the rest of the indicators. They take into account the social media company’s endeavours to get licenses for activities dealing with money transmission.

Despite these things, the payment implementation of DOGE is still going through a procrastination. Mishaboar recently made a statement to call attention to the current debate dealing with the payment infrastructure of X. The developer referred to the previous remarks that Elon Musk had made.

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In line with this, the developer speculated on the likelihood of introducing cryptocurrency payments. According to the developer, X’s upcoming payment phases will witness the respective possibilities. Nonetheless, there is still uncertainty about the precise timeline as well as the nature of integration.

Social Media Platform Gets Payment Licenses in Oregon, New Mexico, and Illinois

Mishaboar has suggested likely partnerships with brokerage entities or crypto exchanges. In the meantime, the recent developments in the regulatory sphere have witnessed huge landmarks by X. The social media forum has acquired licenses to conduct money transmitter operations in 3 more US states. They include Oregon, New Mexico, and Illinois.

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