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DoorDash Introduces AI Bot to Manage Takeout Orders

DoorDash has launched AI bots (AI-integrated system) to handle takeaway or delivery orders during peak time hours.

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Artificial Intelligence is expanding day by day and taking its place in almost every field of life. Following the trend, AI bots are now entering in the hospitality industry to serve at its best. California-based restaurant, DoorDash has launched AI bots (AI-integrated system) to handle takeaway or delivery orders during peak time hours. AI bots will be answering calls, taking orders via calls, and managing online orders.

AI in the Food Industry

DoorDash made this exceptional announcement on 28th of August, 2023 to integrate AI technology for managing takeaway orders. DoorDash is a California-based restaurant, best known for delivery and takeout order that deals on all meals breakfast, lunch and dinner. To manage its expanding business, DoorDash has now integrated AI technology to manage its restaurant clients. Clients would be communicating with AI bots to order their takeout orders during the busy hours of the restaurants.

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Details were given on the newly launched feature in which AI bots will be answering the calls for handling orders and service will be available by the name of ‘select operators’. DoorDash took the step after the report disclosed that In the US 20% of clients’ order preference was telephonic of which 50% of the calls remain unanswered.

DoorDash’s Response to the New AI Integration

Rajat Shroff, the head of DoorDash’s product and design shared his views about the recent upgradation. He said that customers expect a lot from restaurants for which owners seek the best possible ways to manage by using technological support. Technological support includes answering phone calls and managing online orders.

Rajat assured that DoorDash is now going to collaborate with Human and AI operators to answer calls and manage orders. By doing so, customers won’t have to wait long to receive their orders, which would assist restaurants to work efficiently.

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