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Elon Musk’s X Platform Receives Criticism for Suspending Pro-XRP Account

Due to the suspension of the X account of an XRP proponent, the crypto community has condemned Elon Musk to a great extent.

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Elon Musk, the chief technical officer and executive chair of X (previously known as Twitter) has recently witnessed criticism. Due to the suspension of the X account of an XRP proponent, the crypto community has condemned Elon Musk to a great extent. Crypto Eri, a prominent figure in the community, straightly addressed Musk on the social media platform X. In a recent post, Eri sought clarification regarding whether the suspension of that account was just an error.

X Witnesses a Backlash after the Suspension of an XRP Proponent’s Account

The account that witnessed suspensions is named Digital Asset Investor.XRP. It was well-known for its candid advocacy of the top crypto asset XRP. It operates on the blockchain called XRP Ledger. Diverse legal disputes and controversies have long been chasing XRP. One of them is a lawsuit that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted.

The respective case asserts that XRP’s status is that of an unregistered security. Nonetheless, the crypto token has maintained a group of determined supporters. The respective people are still optimistic about the crypto coin’s future. Digital Asset Investor.XRP played the role of a forum for XRP proponents to perspectives and information about crypto.

A Few also Support The Action, Labeling It as a Preemptive Measure against Scammers

In addition to this, it also permitted them to take part in conversations dealing with cryptocurrency. A few individuals supported Musk in the decision of the account’s suspension. They indicated that the respective action emerged as a precautionary measure, preventing the likely scammers. Even then, as the X officials did not provide any response, the speculation about this issue kept on elevating.

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While responding to a comment suggesting that the suspensions were intended to confront scammers, Crypto Eri steadfastly expressed her opinion. As per her, the suspension of the account was unjust. In her remark, Eri noted that she stands with the suspended channel because it had witnessed a huge struggle up till its current position.

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