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Ferrari Accepts XRP, ETH, and BTC for Payments

The prominent luxury car platform Ferrari has declared the decision to embrace digital currencies like BTC, ETH and XRP for the purchase of its high-end cars.

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Cryptocurrency is getting more and more acceptance in the mainstream financial world. This time, the prominent luxury car platform Ferrari has declared the decision to embrace digital currencies for the purchase of its high-end cars. As Reuters reported, the latest allowance from the company is only open to the clients living in the United States.

Ferrari Permits Users to buy Its Cars with XRP, ETH, and BTC

However, the brand also has a strategy to extend its span to the jurisdiction of the European Union. The respective development will reportedly take place in the next months in line with the increasing client demand. The cryptocurrency world has been maintaining a strong relationship with car brands. Particularly, Tesla pioneered the respective trend back in the year 2021.

That was the time when it embraced the top crypto token Bitcoin for the cars. Nevertheless, the firm pulled back from the respective decision shortly after. In this respect, it referred to the huge carbon footprint of BTC. It asserted that this was not in line with the company’s objectives. On the other hand, Ferrari is of the view that the concern related to Bitcoin’s carbon footprint has currently been alleviated to a great extent.

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It added that the majority of the protocols are energy efficient at the current time. Notwithstanding the support that the crypto provided, the Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer of Ferrari commented on this. Enrico Galliera pointed out that the firm’s target to become carbon neutral by 2030 is still intact.

Users Paying in Cryptocurrency Will Not Witness any Change in Prices, Surcharges, and Fees

With cryptocurrency presently getting considerable attention within the mainstream industry, Galliera disclosed that the platform requires repositioning its terms. As per him, this would be very crucial in capturing the attention of the clients with an enormous portfolio of digital currencies. According to the company, the consumers making crypto payments will not witness any change in prices, surcharges, and fees.

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