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Former CEO of Archblock Files a Lawsuit against Archblock

Kiran Gohar



Daniel Jaiyong An, the former CEO of Archblock (also called Archblock), has recently filed a lawsuit against the platform he once assisted in its operations. He mentioned in the lawsuit that the company defrauded and tricked him out of the equity of several million-dollar worth. Nonetheless, the respective lawsuit is not simple as it seems to be based on its surface.

Archblock’s Former CEO Submits a Lawsuit Confronting the Platform

A significant thing about this lawsuit is that Jaiyong An will represent himself. A possible reason may be that the person cannot find or afford an attorney who would represent him in court. Even though he can win the lawsuit, the chances for this are very rare. This also indicates that no attorney was of the view that he would be capable of winning the case.

In addition to this, a noteworthy is that Jaiyong An’s former employer is also suing him. In that lawsuit, the claims concerning the Stored Communications, Abuse Act, and Computer Fraud are mentioned. The lawsuit accuses him of allegedly deleting the whole Slacks as well as the rest of the crucial data while he received the order to leave his position as the platform’s chief executive officer.

The respective lawsuit has been going through its proceedings since the year 2021. In the meantime, the most recent legal suit’s claims are scattered, extraordinary, and worth approximately one hundred million dollars, as disclosed by Jaiyong An. This again suggests that the lawsuit is weak, keeping in view that several lawyers would choose the case if they considered it a worth-taking lawsuit.

 Archblock was the earliest developer of the Trust Token system. At present, the Trust Token system now plays the role of a stablecoin suite taking into account the infamous TUSD, as well as a lending protocol driven by Techteryx (a Justin Sun-led Asian consortium). Since the resignation of Jaiyong An, nearly everything that Archblock developed has been traded to the entities related to Justin Sun.

The Lawsuit Contains Several Improprieties Including Raping, Urinating, and Gagging on a Woman

Jaiyong An intends to prove that the platform’s board of directors and executive leadership were unwilling to undertake their duties concerning shareholders. The lawsuit also asserts that they particularly operated the platform in a manner that shareholders had not consented to. While supporting his claims, Jaiyong An has included a conversation with Justin Sun.

In that chat, he seems to inform the crypto billionaire regarding the method he intends to operate Archblock is not practical. Interestingly, the lawsuit additionally refers to an Asian woman’s supposed rape by the present CEO in the year 2016 and many other improprieties. They also take into account urinating and gagging on a woman.

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