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Former Executive from Bridgewater Joins BlockTower Capital

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Diana Zhang, who formerly worked at Bridgewater Associates, has recently joined BlockTower Capital (a crypto investment management company). The platform where Zhang formerly worked as a chief operating officer is a prominent international investment company. At present, she has turned into the initial chief operating officer (COO) of BlockTower, as per the reports.

BlockTower Hires Diana Zhang of Bridgewater

It is also reported that she exited the well-known hedge fund manager called Ray Dalio’s investment-management protocol of up to $150B worth to be a part of the latest firm. This is opposite to a recent trend where the executives belonging to the crypto entities are leaving to join conventional finance-based companies considering them to be more stable.

Zhang reportedly stated that becoming a part of BlockTower at the denouement of the crypto bear market was taken by her as a remarkable opportunity. She added that she has been very reluctant to become a part of the industry during its peak period. As per her, things appeared to be much frothy at that time. Keeping that in view, she waited for the right time to make a move.

In her words, BlockTower has turned out to be a long-established platform and remained steadfast during the hard times. In addition to this, she added, BlockTower maintained its position within the exclusive playing field. As mentioned on her LinkedIn profile, she began operating at BlockTower back in February 2023. The responsibility of the executive at the new platform is to perform management oversight.

In the job description of Zhang, it is mentioned that she is also responsible for driving the exclusive ways of the platform’s advancement. The LinkedIn profile of the executive brings to the front that she had been serving at Bridgewater for nearly sixteen years. She joined the company back in 2016 as an Investment Associate but was promoted to the position the COO of its Investment Research Department.

Following that, she became the Director of the Investment Associate Program. In the year 2015, she obtained the position of the CEO deputy. In 2022’s October, a sabbatical was taken by her to provide attention to the development of NeighborShare. It is a digital forum and she is its board member and CEO. The respective platform assists native non-profit entities to link needy households straight with neighbors for sharing purposes.

Zhang began operating on the respective platform in 2020’s April, saying that the non-profit entity offered straight support to above 4,300 neighbors living within the jurisdiction. Additionally, it also raised funds of almost $1M to help community members as well as invest in the infrastructure of NeighborShare.

In the meantime, BlockTower operates as a blockchain and crypto investment platform developed by Ari Paul and Matthew Goetz back in 2017. Paul is a portfolio manager serving the University of Chicago while Goetz is the former Vice President of Goldman Sachs. The cumulative number of BlockTower’s staff members is 30 while the platform has also been pursuing talent.

Former Executives from Core Scientific, Celsius Network, and Citigroup also Join the Platform

Other than Zhang, the platform recently appointed Danny Goodman who is former Vice President of Core Scientific (a now-defunct crypto miner). Ryan Silva (bankrupt Celsius Network’s former portfolio manager) and Kevin Miao (Citigroup’s former Vice President for the trading of structured products) are also the latest professionals appointed by BlockTower.

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