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FTX’s Claims Portal Restarts after Cyber Attack

FTX reopens the claims portal after a security breach, now fully operational and unfreezing affected user accounts. Customers can file claims.

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After a couple of weeks, FTX finally reopened its claims portal for its customers. In August, FTX froze all of the users’ accounts after a security breach which affected the users’ data. FTX stated that it is now fully operationalized and unfreezing all the users’ accounts which were affected by the cyber-attack at Kroll. FTX has also reopened its claims portal for customers.

FTX Back to Normal Operations after Cyber Attack on Kroll?

Defunct cryptocurrency exchange, FTX claims that now the exchange is gradually returning to normal operation. FTX assured the customers that freezing their accounts was not a shutdown but a precautionary measure to prevent users’ data breaches. FTX had to do so as the scammer targeted Kroll to breach FTX’s confidential data.

Kroll is known as the third-party agent that FTX appointed for noticing and claims in its current bankruptcy proceedings. Last month, Kroll shared that a hacker tried to breach the security parameter to get the sensitive and confidential information related to Genesis, BlockFi and FTX’s ongoing cases. To prevent that from happening, FXT immediately took precautionary measures and froze the users’ accounts.

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The company assured the customers about the safety of KYC (Know Your Customer) information and password. Now, FTX is going to be operationalized and for now, it’ll restart the claims portal for the customers. FTX’s users will have to file proof of claim with Kroll by the 29th of September 2023.

Case Update of Defunct FTX

FTX has recently requested to Court to allow the exchange to liquidate its crypto assets to ease the case. The judge in court allowed the FTX but with certain conditions for liquidating the digital assets except Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Moreover, the appeal is accepted on a certain condition that FTX would repay all of its creditors. FTX is in a struggling phase and facing legal procedures to ease the customers and reopening the claims portal is one of them.  

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