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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Goldman Sachs Rejects AI Bubble, Anticipates Next Revolution

The banking giant Goldman Sachs has resiliently maintained that there is no existence of an artificial intelligence (AI) bubble.

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The analysts have a lot of concerns related to the huge elevation in the AI-centered market interest. On the contrary, the banking giant Goldman Sachs has resiliently maintained that there is no existence of an artificial intelligence (AI) bubble. The banking platform thinks that the world is getting closer to a revolution in the AI sector. In this way, it contradicts those who are apprehensive about the predicted bubble.

Goldman Sachs Says AI Will Not See any Bubble Like Dot-Com Era

The recent upsurge in the stock prices in the AI space compelled some to describe a few comparisons. Hence, such people have related the current position of the AI sector and the dot-com bubble of the late 1990s. Nonetheless, Goldman Sachs resiliently rejected the respective comparison. In the company’s recent publication, it has spoken against it at length.

Goldman Sachs’ chief global equity strategist Peter Oppenheimer positively commented on the AI technology in the respective publication. He asserted that the world is still going through the initial stages of an exclusive technology cycle. However, he disclosed that this technology will potentially display more strong performance in the coming time.

The Platform Anticipates a $200B Valuation for the AI Sector by the Year 2025

Goldman Sachs anticipates a huge upswing in worldwide investments concerning artificial intelligence. As per the firm, artificial intelligence has the potential to get a valuation of up to $200B by the year 2025. The respective increase is connected to the substantial opportunities that the generative AI. It is a sub-branch of AI that uses big language models to generate content.

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Former reports signify that generative artificial intelligence could add nearly $4.4T to the worldwide economy. The stocks related to the AI world have expressed remarkable performance during the whole year. The reports point out that market-leading stocks’ valuations are not as broadened as witnessed in the previous periods.

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