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Here’s How To Buy NFTs Without Using Cryptocurrency

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Buying non-fungible tokens (NFTs) without using or owning cryptocurrency can be a challenging task. However, it can be done by using the alternative payment options provided by NFT markets, or by using third-party payment options.

NFTs have become a popular way for artists and creative people to create and sell their artwork on digital platforms. However, since many people do not have cryptocurrency, they are usually reluctant when it comes to investing in NFTs. So, is there any way through which you can buy NFTs without owning crypto?

Yes, users can buy NFTs without having any cryptocurrency in their wallets. For example, some platforms allow their users to buy NFTs with their credit cards. So, no matter which currency you might have, you can buy NFTs from several different platforms.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular methods of buying NFTs with fiat money and without owning cryptocurrency in 2023.

Buying NFTs With Credit Cards

Using your card is among the most popular and reliable ways to buy cryptocurrency and NFTs from different platforms. For example, OpenSea and other such big NFT marketplaces allow their customers to use credit cards for transactions. However, users should remember that not every NFC marketplace supports the use of credit cards for purchases.

Before adding their credit card and buying NFTs, users must register an account with the marketplace, and use the same account to pay for the non-fungible tokens they want to buy. Moreover, KYC (know your customer) verification is also needed before buying NFTs.

Once the setup is complete, users can add the NFT they want to buy to their cart and choose credit card as the payment method on the check-out page.

Buying NFTs With Third Party Services

Using third-party service is alternative way to buy NFTs without owning cryptocurrency. Third-party service provides might allow their users to buy NFTs with fiat money, and support payment methods that aren’t allowed by popular NFT marketplaces.

For this, users must find a platform that allows to purchase NFTs through third-parties. For example, Shopify,, and NiftyKit are popular platforms supporting third-party NFT sales.

To use these platforms, users must sign up for a new account and follow provided steps to start buying NFTs. After completing the required steps, users might be allowed to use bank transfer, credit card, or other payment methods which aren’t available otherwise.

P2P Exchange For Buying NFTs

Apart from the above-mentioned methods, using P2P (peer-to-peer) exchanges without the need to involve any third party. The P2P exchange method can be used on the NFT trading platforms which allow peer-to-peer exchange.

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