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Indian PM Proposes Worldwide Crypto Agenda at G20 Summit

Modi appeared at the yearly Group of 20 (G20) summit and discussed a worldwide collaboration to formulate such a framework to regulate cryptocurrency.

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Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, has recently spoken in favour of a worldwide crypto agenda. He appeared at the yearly Group of 20 (G20) summit and discussed a worldwide collaboration to formulate such a framework. As the G20’s President, India has the responsibility to advocate for a thorough worldwide agenda to regulate crypto assets.

India’s PM Speaks on Generating a Worldwide Agenda to Regulate Crypto

There are up to nineteen nations along with the European Union in the G20 group. It represents the prominent developed and progressing economies around the globe. This group is also the leader of the worldwide financial cooperation. This has a crucial role in fortifying the worldwide financial governance and architecture of the top economic issues worldwide.

During his recent interview, the Indian PM discussed the role that emerging technologies like crypto and blockchain play. Modi additionally pointed out that such emerging technologies’ nature will have a worldwide impact. Hence, the framework, regulations, and rules regarding it should be mutually created by the countries around the world.

He Highlighted Macroeconomic Impact of Crypto that Requires a Comprehensive Regulatory Framework

The PM referred to an instance of the aviation industry. He added that the regulation of the crypto is important like the regulations concerning the air security and traffic administration. As per Modi, India is playing a significant role in the regulatory discussion related to crypto assets. According to him, the G20 presidency of India has widened the crypto discussion beyond the matter of financial stability.

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He added that this deals with the respective sector’s enormous macroeconomic implications, particularly for the developing economies and emerging markets. On the 1st of August, the country issued a presidency note. It included its input concerning the worldwide agenda for crypto assets. The suggestions were in line with the guidelines provided by the International Monetary Fund, the Financial Action Task Force, and the Financial Stability Board.

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