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Injective Eclipse to Move Solana-based Decentralized Applications to the Cosmos Ecosystem

Jay Hicks



Injective and Eclipse are two unique decentralized protocols. However, these crypto entities have recently ventured to create a new rollup chain called Cascade. This new rollup chain is going to be compatible with Solana-based decentralized applications.

Injective is a blockchain project based on the Cosmos ecosystem on the other hand Eclipse is a development enterprise that works on creating new decentralized protocols.

Both these firms are currently collaborating on creating Cascade. Cascade will provide a port for the Solana-based applications to expand their access to greater cryptocurrency entities and platforms.

When Cascade has been launched, Solana-based applications can be deployed on it as a layer-2 forum hosted on injective. From there, any other blockchain project from the Cosmos ecosystem will be able to interact with these applications.

Cascade will Serve as a Junction for Various Blockchain Projects

It is worth noting that Solana applications are usually created with Rust. Rust has become a popular programming language among most blockchain developers. However, the Solana-based applications do not have access to the greater blockchain ecosystem.

Therefore, Cascade can work as a port for these applications as it is also compatible with Rust projects. In this manner, the developers would be able to access a greater part of the crypto markets without using any other programming language than Rust.

Solana developers can deploy centralized applications on injective already. But with the new port, they will also be able to create new opportunities and features for their users.

In this manner, the stakeholders of the network would be able to integrate the best Web3 decentralized application on a consolidated network according to Eric Chen the CEO of Injective Labs.

Cascade can run Solana-based smart contracts locally on Injective despite the differences in their core structures. Cosmos is set to sync with Inter-blockchain Communication or IBC protocol.

When the IBS phase is complete, anyone will be able to send tokens and communication-based data to and from Cosmos to other blockchains. Cascade has made use of optimistic rollups which are used for scaling and allow blockchains to aggregate several transactions in a single file.

However, using this technique increases the interoperability of the blockchains rather than complementing their scalability feature. Injective and Eclipse are carrying out the pilot on a testnet where Solana developers have exclusive access.

Thus, the developers who are training to work on the new junctions are practicing with Solana tools and Rust language. They are learning to create and deploy new applications for the Cosmos network that could be launched through Eclipse without needing any tools from the Cosmos-centric library.

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