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Kenya’s New Parliamentary Committee Investigates Worldcoin

The crypto project’s debut is surrounded by controversy, with ongoing investigations in multiple countries due to its contentious nature.

ShahZaib Ahmed



The popular crypto project “Worldcoin” has witnessed another obstruction, this time from Kenyan authorities. The government in Kenya has established a parliamentary committee to probe into Worldcoin. There are 15 participants in the respective committee and, it focuses on investigating the controversial asset of the Worldcoin project.

Kenya Establishes a Parliamentary Committee for the Investigation of Worldcoin

The authorities have made a parliamentarian named Gabriel Tongoyo the head of this committee. Under his leadership, the committee is going to examine the nature of the controversial project, the news outlets reported. The time given to the parliamentary committee is of up to forty-two days. Within this tenure, the committee needs to probe into the project as well as file a report.

The House committee will receive the resulting report. Recent reports have pointed out that Tongoyo is expected to reach some insights dealing with the apprehensions concerning Worldcoin. Nonetheless, he did not provide any specific details in this regard. The parliamentary probe into the respective crypto project is witnessed after a significant development that Kenya made.

Also Read: Kenya’s Government Suspends Worldcoin Crypto Project

Approximately 3 weeks back, the Kenyan authorities suspended the operations of Worldcoin. This took place as the project could not abide by the government’s directive to halt scanning the iris of the consumers. Kindiki, the Interior Cabinet Secretary, played a significant role in the suspension of Worldcoin’s operations. Kindiki informed the House committee regarding the government’s concerns dealing with Worldcoin.

The Court Directs Worldcoin to Preserve the Data It Already Collected from the Users

As per Kindiki, the project’s operations to register residents and gather iris data raise considerable apprehensions. Kindiki asserted that all such activities pose huge security hazards. Other than the parliamentary committee, the controversial project has also witnessed a complete denial from diverse regulatory agencies in Kenya. Moreover, the court decreed the preservation of the already gathered data by Worldcoin before the lawsuit’s completion.

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