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Latest MacOS -Focused Malware ‘Atomic’ Aims at Crypto Wallets to Steal Critical Information

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An exclusive has been detected by security professionals, which particularly aims at MacOS devices. The respective malware targets taking away crucial information like credit card numbers, data, and saved passwords from up to 50 crypto browser extensions. The respective incidents have raised huge security-related apprehensions about MacOS devices.

Unique Malware ‘Atomic’ Steals Crypto Wallet-Related Information on MacOS Devices

As pointed out by the reports, cybercriminals are at present capable of buying out exclusive malware that is particularly structured for macOS via private channels on Telegram.

The title of the respective malware is ‘Atomic.’ It is currently being sold through a subscription model. The malware permits cybercriminals to utilize it for monthly charges of up to $1,000.

Keeping in view that the malware is now being sold and purchased via private Telegram-based channels, it is much hard for the security platforms to trail its distribution as well as take required actions against it. A threat intelligence firm ‘Cyble’ recently published a report on this. The company mentioned that the malware is responsible for stealing information on the Atomic macOS devices.

It added that the malware can take away information taking into account full system information, data from documents and desktop folders, as well as keychain passwords. It can even steal the macOS password, Cyble added.

This exclusively revealed malware is being offered to cybercriminals for money. These people can obtain malicious software for an enormous price of nearly $1,000 monthly.

The people purchasing the product can access a Dis Image File (DMG) that comprises a 64-bit malware structured particularly to aim at macOS systems. By using this malware, the bad actors can drain sensitive information containing files from the file system of the macOS devices and other things like passwords, and credit card numbers from browsers.

‘Atomic’ additionally has the capability of extracting data from crypto wallets and web browsers. The crypto wallets that can be targeted include those offered by Exodus, Electrum, Coinomi, Binance, and Atomic.

Moreover, the people responsible for developing the malware also offer threat actors as well as a ready-to-use online panel to carry out the management of the people to be victimized.

On the execution of the malware, it tricks the victim to produce their system password by presenting a fake prompt. The respective thing is done to increase privileges as well as conveniently perform malicious operations such as stealing important information and data from the macOS devices of the victims.

The utilization of social engineering methods like a false prompt to get the system password of the victim signify that the consumers should be aware and cautioned while downloading as well as executing files belonging to unknown sources.

As analyzed by the research specialists, the party credited for developing the malware has been consistently developing it. They are of the view that the latest version of the malware has recently been released on the 25th of April.

Just 2% of Antiviruses Can Detect the MacOS Malware, Say Researchers

Furthermore, the detection of the malware has turned out to be quite difficult. In this respect, less than two percent of the antivirus applications have been able to flag DMG as malicious.

In the case of distribution, purchasers can establish their separate channels comprising diverse methods like phishing emails, infected torrents, instant messages, and so on.

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