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MakerDAO Plans to Build Native Chain Employing Solana’s Codebase

MakerDAO founder, Rune Christensen, plans to build a new native chain using Solana’s codebase, marking the final stage in MakerDAO’s transition.

Claudia Fischer



Rune Christensen, the founder of MakerDAO proposes to make its native chain by using the codebase of Solana. He disclosed his agenda in an article that addressed the possibilities of making a native chain by exploring the fork of Solana’s codebase.  Rune says that this is now the fifth and final stage of rebuilding MakerDAO on an independent chain named NewChain.

Fork of Solana Codebase

This new MakerDAO’s native chain is based on the fork of the Solana codebase instead of EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). For the record, regardless of this recent decision, it is important to note that former MakerDAO’s protocol has been running on ETH (Ethereum) since its launch. The expected date to operationalize the independent chain is still 3 years away. It is believed that MakerDAO’s Protocol will be fully implemented by then.

Idea Behind Building NewChain

MakerDAO’s co-founder, Rune Christensen has given his remarks on this new announcement. He gives the three key reasons for this new and most promising launch. He offers to confront several challenges along with the technical quality of Solana’s codebase and to cope with the resilience that arose due to the FTX scam.  Rest he gives examples to unveil the efficiency of this new chain as it adopts and develops NewChain forked out of Solana codebase.

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Rune discussed the necessity and efficiency of this newly developed NewChain. He says that the main reason for developing NewChain lies in its ability to enable the ecosystem to recover from technical failures. In addition, it will tackle the governance attacks by means of a hard fork of Solana’s codebase. Moreover, it has the ability to cope with technical issues for up to eight years. NewChain will impose its all Protocol’s instruments to reconstruct according to the assigned role in the Endgame’s technical design.   

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