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Manta Network and Forward Protocol Unite for dApp Development Innovation

Manta Network and Forward Protocol’s collaboration for innovative dApp deployment and potential airdrop opportunities.

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Manta Network has teamed up with Forward Protocol, marking an advancement in deploying decentralized applications (dApps). This partnership is set to transform the Pacific ecosystem of Manta Network and tantalize the prospect of future airdrops for proactive participants. Manta Network and Forward Protocol’s collaboration for innovative dApp deployment and potential airdrop opportunities.

How to Integrate Manta Network with MetaMask

To integrate Manta Network smoothly into your MetaMask wallet, visit the ChainList website. Once there, connect your MetaMask Wallet. Then, use the search function to find Manta Network and proceed with the necessary steps.

how to add manta

Simplified dApp Deployment via Forward Protocol

Forward Protocol simplifies the deployment of dApps on Rootstock’s Mainnet. Start by registering your email on the AlphaQuest page of the Forward Protocol website. Ensure your MetaMask wallet is connected and has $RBTC for gas fees, as detailed in the ‘3 Easy Ways to Get RBTC’ guide. Explore over 20 dApp templates in the Forward Marketplace, choose and customize your preferred dApp using a no-code interface, and deploy it on Rootstock Mainnet.

Bridging Assets for Potential Airdrop Eligibility

For potential eligibility in future airdrops, bridge your assets to Manta Pacific Network. Visit the Manta Pacific Bridge website, connect your MetaMask wallet, and select the ERC20 asset (ETH, USDT, or USDC) you wish to transfer. Follow the deposit instructions and complete the transaction.

bridge eth to manta

Manta Network, renowned for its zero-knowledge application ecosystem, is expanding with its Manta Atlantic and Manta Pacific chains. Manta Atlantic is set to introduce programmable privacy in the web3 world, while Manta Pacific provides a scalable, cost-effective environment for EVM-native ZK applications. This collaboration, supported by $25 million from investors like Binance and Polychain, is leading up to the launch of the “MANTA” token.

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The focus of Manta Network on zero-knowledge proofs (ZK-proofs) guarantees secure and scalable decentralized applications with low transaction fees and a versatile infrastructure. It supports diverse applications in DeFi, gaming, and social platforms. Tools like Universal Circuits and zkSBTs revolutionize online identity management, offering discreet compliance and on-chain KYC verification.

Forward Protocol’s AlphaQuest Campaign

The AlphaQuest campaign, in collaboration with Alpha Guilty, allows participants to deploy dApps on Rootstock’s Mainnet, with a chance to win from a $7,500 prize pool. Participants must deploy a dApp and achieve at least 300 completed transactions to qualify. Each transaction is worth three points, and up to three dApp entries per Alpha Guilty account are allowed.

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