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Miami Mayor Prefers to Accept Salary in Bitcoin if He is Elected as the President

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez eyes Bitcoin for presidential salary if elected; crypto advocate sees digital assets as financial freedom.

ShahZaib Ahmed



Mayor of the Miami seems to be interested in getting paid in Bitcoin if he is elected as the president of Miami. Francis Suarez, the working mayor of Miami has contested in elections for presidential the presidential state.

 As the crypto industry is flourishing day by day, the Miami mayor has great admiration for cryptocurrency. He considers digital assets as financial freedom. In a press release, Francis Suarez shared that as a mayor of Miami, he promotes and likes to get paid in Bitcoin so he would prefer to do the same if he is elected as the president of Miami. He showed his preference to get paid in Bitcoin on behalf of his salary in case he becomes the president.

Francis’s Admiration for Cryptocurrency

Francis Suarez believes that cryptocurrency gives guaranteed financial freedom and he has great admiration for crypto assets. He describes the importance of cryptocurrency for financial stability and his support for Bitcoin (BTC). As a mayor of Miami, he always support digital currencies and he said that he would do the same in the post of president. Moreover, he would prefer to get his presidential salary in Bitcoin.

Francis (Mayor of Miami) Vs. DeSantis (Governor of Florida)

The Competitor of Suarez, Roz DeSantis the Governor of Florida is an anti-CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). He doesn’t have an optimistic stance and regard for crypto. To address his stance, Francis commented that DeSantis should look on the other side of the coin to know the real worth of the virtual assets. He said that crypto is the need of the hour and we should realize its worth in financial terms.

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Roz DeSantis has criticized Biden’s administration and his leniency for the cryptocurrency significantly Bitcoin (BTC) and called it a war and controversial form of money. But on the other hand, Suarez supported cryptocurrency and laid down the importance and need of crypto assets like Bitcoin for financial freedom.

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