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NFTFeed and REI Network Join Hands for Smooth Cross-Chain Integration

NFTFeed, known to be the pioneer in the NFT world has made a dynamic partnership with the REI Network

ShahZaib Ahmed



REI Network and NFTFeed have announced their strategic partnership via tweets. NFTFeed, the pioneer in the NFT world has made a dynamic partnership with the REI Network. This partnership believes to attract the attention of NFT fanatics around the globe. Both innovative partners, REI Network and NFTFeed have joined forces in order to open new possibilities and opportunities in the world of blockchain technology.

Revolutionizing the Future: NFTFeed Joins Forces with REI Network

As the NFT ecosystem is expanding day by day, this partnership would boost the expansion and both would work for the advancement of shared vision. NFTFeed and REI Network will be focusing to provide EVM-compatible, high-performance, lightweight and charge-less blockchain framework. This futuristic partnership would carve out the way for the users to make cost-effective transactions and engage in smooth blockchain activities. In order to fulfil the commitment of building the base for mutually shared vision and progress, both parties would put their energy and efforts into this integration.   

“Free to mint NFTs” is another prominent feature of this collaboration by which users would be able to explore and get opportunities to mind-free NFTs by employing REI Network. Moreover, this partnership would open a new world of blockchain projects for NFT enthusiasts.

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About NFTFeed and REI Network

 NFTFeed is considered to be the pioneer in the NFT world for its cutting-edge NFT technology. Moreover, NFTFeed is also best known for conjoining Finance and Web3 space to promote intrinsic value, NFT’s liquidity and the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) market.

REI Network was developed to evolve the blockchain trends for achieving EVM-compatible, higher performance, and lightweight blockchain framework with zero fees. The captivating feature of REI Network is that users have the facility to make free transactions in terms of staking and replacement.

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