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OpenAI Releases ChatGPT’s Official App for Android

OpenAI plans to release artificial intelligence (AI)-based chatbot named ChatGPT’s Android version.

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On the 21st of July, OpenAI disclosed its strategy to release its famous artificial intelligence (AI)-based chatbot named ChatGPT’s Android version. As per the platform, this launch is expected to take place in the next week. The respective development is witnessed after the release of the chatbot for iOS consumers back in May this year.

Open AI to Release the Official App of Its Chatbot for Android

The platform took to its official Twitter account to announce the launch. In addition to this, the company offered a preorder page in the Google Play Store. This permits the customers to get registered for the app’s installation after it is ready. This announcement comes after the recent endeavors made by the company to increase the transparency and safety of the instruments thereof with initiatives such as content watermarking.

The platform has been going through scrutiny because of the apprehensions related to misinformation created by artificial intelligence. The company has pointed toward the enhanced security measures of the Android app in comparison with its web version. Apart from that, it will provide the features such as the synchronization of conversation history across devices, analogous to the iOS-based version.

By releasing iOS and Android-based apps, the platform straightly competes with the Bing Chat of Microsoft. The respective project also uses the GPT-4 technology of OpenAI. The applications offer a substitute to test the big language models (LLMs) without depending on an internet browser. The release comes simultaneous with the launch of Google’s Bard chatbot which is to offer services to Brazil and European Union-based consumers.

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ChatGPT Witnesses a Decrease in Traffic

The rest of the rivals are also emerging, including Anthropic. One such platform is Claude 2 assistant which provides functionalities surpassing ChatGPT’s paid version. ChatGPT saw a decrease in its traffic back in June this year. ChatGPT and the rest of the AI chatbots have been widely adopted by the crypto community in recent times.

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