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Pandoshi (PAMBO) Crypto Pre-sale Innovating DeFi: 8,000 Holders in Just 1 Month

Pandoshi (PAMBO), a pioneering DeFi project with collateralized staking and buy-and-burn mechanics, is set to revolutionize the crypto landscape.

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Pandoshi (PAMBO) is a new crypto project striving to develop a decentralized finance DeFi ecosystem based on basic blockchain principles. The native token PAMBO employs unique ideas such as collateralized staking and a buy-and-burn mechanism, which empower the long-term holders.

Rapid Presale Completion Attributed to Strong Concepts

The Pandoshi presale started in early January 2024, and it is 50% complete in its final stage, with over 8,000 PAMBO token holders now. Investors have been drawn to the project’s pioneering approaches, such as the Layer 2 Proof-of-Stake protocol, the non-custodial multi-chain DEX, crypto debit cards, educational programs, P2E metaverse integrations, etc.

PAMBO has a fixed supply of 2 billion, with just 1 billion in circulation, making it deflationary by design. Revenues from ecosystem products are used to buy back and burn PAMBO coins, reducing supply permanently. Staking rewards users with the BAMBOO governance token instead of inflating PAMBO.

Beta Wallet Release Marks Development Progress

Pandoshi recently achieved a vital milestone with the beta launch of its multi-chain crypto wallet for Android, which is initially compatible with major EVM chains. iOS support is also underway. This progress, amidst the ongoing presale, signifies steady development per the project’s roadmap.

Unlike many meme coins, Pandoshi is focused on real-world utility. Its token, PAMBO, is meant for everyday use. With Pandoshi crypto cards, spending PAMBO and other major cryptocurrencies is easy, and there’s no need for extensive KYC requirements.

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Pandoshi prioritizes user privacy and control. Whether shopping for essentials or exploring the metaverse, PAMBO is your reliable companion for decentralized finance.

Next Steps Exchange Listings Incoming

With the presale expected to conclude soon, all eyes are on PAMBO’s listing on centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges. These developments would mark the next phase for Pandoshi as it looks to transition from an investment prospect to a live DeFi ecosystem.

The project’s impressive presale statistics and early delivery of core products explain investors’ confidence in its long-term vision. Pandoshi aims to provide fundamental utilities to crypto users as more offerings go live while rewarding PAMBO holders.

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