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Ripple Joins Hand with SUPER HOW? for Smooth Regulation of CBDC

Ripple Labs is collaborating with a research and development firm to smoothly regulate the Central Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) through the Axiology Project.

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Ripple is actively collaborating with a research and development-based firm Super How for the swift regulation of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). Ripple has seemed to be involved in different cryptocurrency experiments with the assistance of northern-based research and development firm Super. Moreover, both partners have been carving the path for the swift and effective regulation of CBDCs.

Ripple’s Strategic Partnership with A Research-Based Firm

A personal blog shared by Ripple Labs disclosed its strategic partnership with SUPER HOW, which is based in Latvia based Research and Development based firm. The core purpose of this collaboration is to work on the Axiology Project in order to deal develop an infrastructure for tokenized settlements and securities at the XRP Ledger. Axiology Project is going to be a unique of its kind and ambitious project of the collaboration of SUPER HOW and Ripple Labs.

Axiology Project is an organized infrastructure of settlement systems and tokenized securities trading. This project would enable different parts of the financial markets to work collectively on a single technological platform for swifts, smooth and efficient processes, and business models. This partnership aligns with the commitment of Ripple Labs to drive and adopt blockchain technology not only in the crypto space but also in financial markets.

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Aims of the Integration

Ripple claims that the main objective of this strategic partnership is to ensure the safety and security of the crypto assets of the users. Through this collaboration, both SUPER HOW and Ripple shall have the DLT Pilot regime which would play a pivotal role for the security and safety of crypto assets. And, utilizing DLT Pilot Regime to test the Axiology Project would offer unparalleled assurance in terms of the security and resilience of the crypto assets. Ripple is of the view that the core purpose of this integration is to bring this project into light which is to be based on XRP Ledger. 

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