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Ripple Labs Chair Addresses Ongoing Ripple, Grayscale, and SEC Controversy

Chris Laren, the co-founder of Ripple Labs has addressed the growing heat of Securities and Exchange Commission, and Biden’s acts against the crypto industry.

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Co-founder of Ripple Labs has addressed the ongoing controversy which involves Grayscale, Ripple and SEC. Chris Laren, the co-founder of Ripple Labs has addressed the growing heat amid SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), and Biden’s acts against the crypto industry.

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Ripple’s Chairs said that it is the most appropriate time for Congress to set policy for the crypto industry and take the lead. He claims that the legal system of the United States should do the needful to bring the crypto industry into trend and back in the game. It is time for US legal system to work on the crypto policy as Biden’s administration has screwed it.

Chris Laren’s Exclusive Interview and His Point of View About Biden’s “Screwed Up” Crypto Policy

On of 7th of September 2023, Chris Laren spoke about an ongoing controversial case against Ripple Lab by SEC. He discussed Ripple’s partial win during July 2023 in a case filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission. He said that so many important regularities have been lost due to such baseless cases which has adversely affected the crypto industry.

He says that Biden’s administration has screwed up the crypto industry in the United States for which now the legal system should do the needful. The legal system which includes courts and regulatory authorities should work on constituting the crypto policy.

Larsen’s Response to Court Judgement

Larsen also shed light on the court’s judgement favouring Grayscale’s application for converting Bitcoin into spot Bitcoin ETF. He says that SEC’s policies are now coming to an end in case of positive and justified implementation.

Chris Larsen comments that it seems like Gary Gansler, the Chair of SEC knows it well that the crypto laws are not that clear. In addition, he doesn’t seem to want to make it clear for some reasons relating to his convenience. If crypto laws are not clear, he can go after anybody he wants and circle him around. So, crypto policy should be built up now by US legal systems to avoid this inconvenience.  

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