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Sam Bankman-Fried Files for Weekday Freedom to Do Work for Legal Defense

SBF pursues permission from the court to spend 5 weekdays with his lawyers to build a defense case.

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A Few days back the Department of Justice revoked the bail for Sam Bankman-Fried (the former CEO of FTX). Consequently, SBF now pursues permission from the court to spend 5 weekdays with his lawyers to build a defense case. In this respect, he added, he would better be able to well manage the requirements of the defense.

Sam Bankman-Fried Requests Court to Let Him Access His Lawyers during Weekdays for Building Defense

On Friday, SBF’s legal representatives sent a letter to the United States District Judge named Lewis Kaplan. As per the reports, the letter mentioned that the client went through several difficulties. He reportedly faced such hindrances while comprehensively reviewing the broad document accumulation dealing with the case. The chief reason for this has been highlighted as his absolute confinement to the Brooklyn-based Metropolitan Detention Center.

In the same vein, SBF’s attorney named Christian Everdell made a statement. Everdell said that the authorities presented up to 3 quarters of several million pages concerning Slack communications within one week. They were to be presented months ago. However, Everdell added, SBF is incapable of reviewing the respective documents in his current situation.

His Lawyer Stresses This Permission While Citing Short Time Until October’s Trial

Everdell also mentioned that permitting SBF to access his lawyers would be helpful for him. Additionally, letting him utilize the internet-enabled laptop within the premises of the courthouse would speed up the proceedings. Everdell stressed the importance of this plan, especially while keeping in view that SBF’s trial is planned for October.

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While maintaining the innocence of the former FTX CEO, he is facing charges of heading a huge fraud scheme. It took into account illegal access to several billion dollars from client funds for individual usage. According to the reports, prosecutors asserted that SBF needs to promptly offer information regarding the advice he gets. Additionally, he also must provide its origin, and before doing that he should be prohibited from presenting his defense.

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