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Sam Bankman-Fried Gets Temporary Bails of 6.5 hours

FTX’s disgraced Cofounder SBF, facing criminal charges was granted temporary bail to consult lawyers outside jail; allowed a laptop and Wi-Fi for legal meetings.

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Sam Bankman-Fried, the disgraced cofounder of FTX has been facing crucial circumstances being charged with different criminal offences. And was prisoned for the allegations imposed on him. After his tiring efforts, he finally gets temporary bail from the jail to meet with his lawyers outside the jail. Moreover, the judge also accepted his plea and gave him a favour by allowing his lawyer to bring his laptop and a Wi-Fi device into the meeting.

Restrictions Residing on Sam Bankman-Fried

On 22nd of August 22, 2023, Lewis Kaplan, the Judge of the US District Court led the hearing of the SBF case and allowed him to meet his lawyer outside the jail. For that, he granted him temporary bail of 6.5 hours to discuss the case details with his lawyers outside the jail. According to the case filing, it was allowed under the restriction that he would be able to meet his lawyer in the block of Marshal.

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The filing made clear that SBF would be able to his lawyers during the daytime official hours from 8:30 in the morning to 3 at noon. These limited hours will be allowed with the case discussion with the lawyers under the supervision of the US attorney, Marshall. Moreover, another favour which was given to SBF was that Judge allowed his lawyer to bring a laptop and internet device to the meeting. Previously, he was house arrested and forbidden to have internet and mobile access due to the ongoing case.

SBF Imprisoned Due to Witness Tampering

As SBF was found guilty of tempering the witness so US DOJ (Department of Justice) urged the court to reconsider his plea for bail and put him back in prison. SBF tried to leak the journals of his ex-girlfriend (Caroline Ellison) to New York Times. In a filing back on the 28th of July, the Department of Justice claimed that SBF has willingly tried to leak the information as his former girlfriend also lead Alameda Research and tried to get circumstances in his favour. Keeping such allegations DOJ urged the court to put him in jail for tampering with the witness.

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