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Sarah Silverman Files a Lawsuit Against OpenAI and Meta Over Copyright Violations

Jay Hicks



Sarah Silverman, a well-known author and comedian from America, and a couple of other authors named Christopher Golden and Richard Kadrey have submitted lawsuits. The defendants of the respective lawsuits are ChatGPT of OpenAI and LLaMa of Meta Platforms over allegedly infringing the copyrights.

Sarah Silverman’s Lawsuit Targets OpenAI and Meta for Their Alleged Copyright Infringement

As per the allegations, both platforms have utilized the content belonging to the plaintiffs for training the artificial intelligence systems in their possession without obtaining any permission. As mentioned in the court documents in the case confronting Meta, several of the books of the plaintiffs under copyright are allegedly present in the dataset utilized by Meta for training LLaMa.

Analogously, in the lawsuit confronting OpenAI, the plaintiffs accuse ChaptGPT of generating summaries of the work developed by them. According to them, this signifies that the AI platform is carrying out training through copyrighted material. As noted in the lawsuit filing, the summaries include some wrong details.

The respective thing is because of the mixing done by the large language model among the expressive content taken from several sources, the filing added. Even then, the other summaries are precise in the words of the filing. To get this data, the lawsuits assert, the platforms extracted the copyrighted material from “shadow libraries.”

These libraries take into account, Z-Library, Library Genesis, Bibliotik, and several other platforms. The respective libraries operate as web portals that utilize torrent systems for offering books in bulk, as claimed by the lawsuit. The respective sites are illegitimate and are dissimilar to the open-source data taken from databases like Gutenberg. It is a database that gathers books following they have run out.

The Lawsuit Claims the Accused Illegally Obtained Plaintiff’s Copyrighted Content to Use It

The lawsuit stated that the community dealing with AI training has long been taking interest in such shadow libraries due to the great amount of copyrighted material hosted by them. In addition to complaints regarding the copyright violation of the individual material of the plaintiffs, they submitted the complaint denoting a group of copyright owners within the US whose content also witnessed alleged copyright infringement.

On the other hand, no response has been provided by the platforms against which the lawsuits have been filed. It remains to be seen whether the respective lawsuits place any impact on the progress as well as the reputation secured by both companies. Previously in May this year, a proportion of the Writers Guild of America in the jurisdiction of the United States came to the streets.

In this way, they organized an authorized strike. This was the initial strike in fifteen years. The respective strike attempted to focus the attention of the authorities on several issues. Particularly, it brought to the front the problems within the industry concerning the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI).

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