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Scam Alert: Elon’s X Users Targeted in $25M Crypto Scam

Elon Musk’s social platform, X (formerly Twitter), falls victim to a $25 million crypto scam disguised as a fake giveaway.

Claudia Fischer




The people registered on the social platform of Elon Musk named X (formerly Twitter) have become the victim of a big crypto scam.  X users had to suffer at the hands of scammers as the scam was carried out under the veil of a fake giveaway of 25 million. On the 8th of September, the crypto scam worth $25 million was brought to light in which scammers fooled the X users.

How Elon’s X Users Were Scammed?

A new account posed itself to be Grayscale Investment and targeted X users. Masqueraded Grayscale engaged people by calling a fake token named GBTC (Grayscale Investment Bitcoin Trust). On sellout over social media, scammers rolled out $25 million on the token GBTC.

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The scammer called GBTC the novel token worth of at least $25 million. And, assured that the ticker symbol worth $13 million will be attributed to those who visited their website previously. It is important to note that, legitimate identity Grayscale Investment have disavowed any sort of connection of link to @Grayscale_FND. Currently, the account is removed from the platform and authorities are informed and asked to do the needful.

How Scammer Deceived the People?

Scammers created a fake account @Grayscale_FND and got a subscription to Twitter Blue (X Blue now). In that way, the account was displayed with a blue checkmark which was formerly considered to be the registered and verified account. Previously, this blue mark had few certain merits but now anyone can get that by paying $8 per month to the platform.

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Imposters even used the official logo of Grayscale to deceive people who couldn’t distinguish the checkmark colours of the original and the fake ones. Grayscaly account is basically marked with a golden checkmark which is assigned for companies. Scammers took advantage of the differences and scammed people and carried out a crypto scam worth $25 million.

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