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Scam Alert: Mark Cuban Loses About $1 Million in a Crypto Scam

When Mark Cuban tried to open his crypto wallet, he mistakenly clicked on the phishing link which made him lose his crypto assets worth $1 million.

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Mark Cuban has reportedly lost approximately $1 million in a crypto scam. Billionaire said that after a couple of inactive months, when he tried to open his crypto wallet he mistakenly clicked on the phishing link. He believes that clicking on the phishing link made him lose his crypto assets worth $ 1 million. He reports the details of the scam to alert the crypto community about the growing crypto scams.

Mark Cuban Becomes the Victim of Phishing Scam

Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and a well-known billionaire in the crypto industry lost around $1 million in a crypto scam. He disclosed that his wallet was inactive for a couple of months. When he tried to log in to his wallet on the weekend, it was more likely that he mistakenly clicked on the phishing link. And by doing so he lost tokens worth $870,000 in the phishing crypto scam.

The crypto community has been aware of many types of crypto scams and phishing attack is one of them. Phishing scams is the most deceiving attack, by simply clicking on a phishing link he lost his crypto assets. Such types of scams are becoming common in the crypto industry.

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Users sometimes do not cross-check the source of the links for the crypto wallet and download the malware which makes them suffer in different ways. Phishing attacks fool the users and divulge personal information, and sensitive data and expose the data by simply mistakenly clicking on the link.

What did Mark Cuban lose in the Scam?

Mark Cuban has significantly lost crypto assets worth more than $1 million. He lost his ENS (Ethereum Name Service) domains, RARE tokens, stacked ETHs and stablecoins pegged to US dollar in the scam through his wallet.

Mark Cuban took the immediate decision to log into their wallet and transfer the remaining assets to his other exchange address. By doing so, he saved his MATIC tokens and recovered approximately $2.5 million. Mark Cuban shared the details with DLNews and warned the crypto community about such attacks.

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