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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Spain Starts AI Regulation Organization to Become a Market Leader

Spain takes a leading role in European Union AI regulation with AESIA task force, prioritizing citizen-centered and sustainable AI development.

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Spain has secured a significant position among the top nations within the European Union to develop a task force. The latest Spanish task force’s purpose is to regulate Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Spanish Agency for Supervision of Artificial Intelligence (AESIA) has the responsibility to guarantee AI development. In addition to this, the agency will also ensure that the development in the AI sector is citizen-centered and sustainable.

Spain Establishes an Agency for AI Regulation to Become Leader in the Industry

On the 22nd of August, the Council of Ministers authorized a Royal Decree to establish the AESIA. The Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation and the Ministry of Finance and Civil Service will collaborate. Both the authorities would establish the agency. The agency is included in a strategy named the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy.

The country targets to become a frontrunner in the field of artificial intelligence. In addition to this, it focuses on securing the position of the earliest country to create a special AI agency. Back in June this year, the European Union authorized the Artificial Intelligence Act. It is a legislative agenda for oversight and governance of AI.

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After its enactment, the legislation would implement limitations on several products and services related to artificial intelligence. Apart from that, the country would put a blanket prohibition on biometric surveillance and anticipative policing algorithms. The other such things take into account biometric surveillance, software for emotion recognition, and systems for facial recognition.

The EU Countries to Develop Nation-Wide Organizations for the Administration of AI

Nonetheless, the models of generative AI technology would have the permission to operate. In this respect, Bard of Google and ChatGPT of OpenAI are most famous. The AI Act of the European Union requires all nations to make national organizations to administer Artificial Intelligence.

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