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Study shows that ChatGPT’s Performance is Declining Day by Day

Research shows that Artificial intelligence-based OpenAI chatbot systems are unable to meet the standards of modern research.

ShahZaib Ahmed



Recent studies have shown a major decline in the trend of ChatGPT’s response and reputation. It is observed that the performance and efficiencies of ChatGPT are getting worse day by day due to the substandard response given by ChatGPT. Researchers shared that Artificial intelligence-based OpenAI chatbot systems are unable to meet the standards of modern research.

Research related to ChatGPT

A study conducted on the 18th of July 2023, revealed that UC Berkeley and Stanford’s researchers conducted research on OpenAI’s capabilities and shared their views in this regard. They said that the models employed by the ChatGPT are not that capable and responses are deteriorated. The researchers could not give solid reasons for the deteriorated and inefficient results generated by the OpenAI chatbot.

To check out the accuracy and reliability of the AI’s chatbot, researchers named James Zou, Matei Zaharia and Lingjiao Chezn asked analyzed different versions of the ChatGPT 3.5 and 4. They asked ChatGPT to solve sensitive questions, and maths problems and to write codes for websites which couldn’t take place. According to the research, ChatGPt’s results were only up to 97.6% accurate during March’s search and showed plummeted results of only 2,4% in June’s search.

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Limitations of ChatGPT

Ai-based OpenAI has assisted human beings in conducting research and spreading awareness. Still, ChatGPT has various lacking points like ChatGPT3.5 generates content like humans but lacks clear understanding, consciousness and comprehension. It shows contextual ambiguity and knows up to September 2021. Sometimes responses given are inappropriate and not accurate.

ChatGPT 4.0 version is paid version and is a bit expensive and complex to operate. It doesn’t give appropriate insights into the person’s or expert’s views. Coding is not the area of expertise of ChatGPT because websites cannot be developed on the bases of generalized computational coding but rather depend on the necessities of the content and objectives.

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