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Takeshi Numoto Joins Microsoft as a New Chief Marketing Officer

Takeshi Numoto, Microsoft’s new Cheif Marketing Officer (CMO) will be handling media buying, event coordination, advertising, brand management, product marketing and business planning.

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Microsoft's New CMO

Microsoft, the world’s leading tech firm has announced a change in the marketing leadership. Chris Capossela has been serving as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Microsoft for the last 32 years. Chris has recently stepped down from the post of CMO, and Takeshi Numoto is going to replace him. Microsoft has announced officially that Takeshi Numoto will be the new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of the firm.

Satya Nadella, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Microsoft disclosed the news about Chris’s stepping down and Takeshi Numoto to be the new Chief Marketing Officer. Takeshi Numoto is an experienced executive of Microsoft will now perform the duties of CMO. Takeshi Numoto will be navigating media buying, event coordination, advertising, brand management, product marketing and business planning.

Takeshi Numoto’s Promotion

Takeshi Numoto will succeed the former CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Chris Capossela. Takeshi was formerly working on the post of Executive Vice President who got promoted to the post of CMO.  He would drive the business model of the firm and go-to-market strategies regarding commercial offerings.

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Takeshi Numoto expressed his enthusiasm and aim for the new position at the company through a LinkedIn post. He said that is glad and honoured to be promoted as CMO and would do his best for the welfare of Microsoft under the command of Satya Nadella.

Microsoft, Committed to Innovation

Microsoft expects an optimistic outcome of this new transition in leadership. Microsoft has been serving the tech field for a couple of decades and has been committed to innovation. It is expected that Takeshi will continue the legacy of Mycroft’s excellence and innovation.

 Takeshi Numoto’s educational background belongs to Stanford University and has been serving at Microsoft, now promoted to CMO. He has been an integral part of the leadership of Microsoft and would do his best to flourish the firm and to maintain the legacy of the firm. He would implement his expertise in the business model of Microsoft.

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