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The Current CFTC Vs Binance Lawsuit can Change the Whole Crypto Industry

Jay Hicks



CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) has recently filed a lawsuit against Binance (a popular cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform). The lawsuit also targets Binance’s CEO and COO. The result of the CFTC Vs Binance lawsuit can affect the whole crypto industry, and change it forever.

The lawsuit contains alligations of various alleged violations by the US trading arm of Binance. Let’s discuss the significance of this lawsuit, and how it can change the whole crypto industry. The lawsuit also has the potential of changing the future of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Significance of the Lawsuit

The lawsuit unveils the CFTC’s ultimate plan to kill Binance, or at least deal significant damage to its international operations. The lawsuit alleges the popular cryptocurrency exchange of doing illegal acts and illegally benefiting from its US customer base to make huge profits.

If CFTC wins the lawsuit, it can cause disgorgement of Binance’s US-based profits, ban, and heavy fines.

CFTC has included lots of insider info, personal chats, and documents to fortify the lawsuit. The data shows that the exchange knew about its IS customer base, but still kept it secret. The case also includes a lack of proper measures to stop fraud and manipulation.

Moreover, CFTC’s revelation of Binance’s corporate structure can also affect the company, as well as its US-linked employees.

Allegations in the Lawsuit

The key allegation in the CFTC lawsuit is that despite the federal laws against leveraged products, Binance facilitated the exposure of its US-based users to those products.

The leaked internal reports suggest that a significant percentage of Binance’s total profits came from its US-based users. CFTC points to a deliberate attempt made by Binance to illegally benefit from the US-based segment of the app.

Around seven violations of USC, CFC, and CEA are listed in the lawsuit. The lawsuit involves the top executives of Binance as well.

If CFTC’s lawsuit against Binance succeeds, it can put a complete ban on Binance, and termination of its US operations. The ban would also prevent Binance from providing trading services both inside and outside the US.

Moreover, the lawsuit can have devastating effects on the CEO, COO, and other Binance employees. They might be banned from working in regulated businesses, and also barred from holding US securities or commodities in the future.

Also, no international bank with ties to the US would like to deal with Binance, and this can sabotage the whole company. The only safe way out for Binance seems to be a settlement with CFTC. However, it’ll still cost the company billions of dollars.

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