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The South Korean Crypto Firm Somesing Faces Security Breach

Somesing, a South Korean blockchain-based karaoke platform, faces a major security breach, losing 730 million SSX tokens (worth $11.58M) to professional hackers.

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The South Korean Crypto Firm Somesing Faces Security Breach

Somesing, a prominent blockchain-based South Korean social karaoke platform has been breached and lost $11.5 million to the attackers. The platform is in continuous contact with Interpol and local authorities to get assistance to identify and arrest the hackers behind the security breach.

Somesing Lost $11.5 Million in the Security Breach

Reports reveal that the South Korean blockchain-based crypto firm has lost approximately 730 million native tokens, SSX worth around $11.5 million. The hackers breached the crypto firm on the weekend. They got the attention of Somesing who has now contacted the local authorities to seek assistance for locating and arresting the hackers.

Somesing’s officials have confirmed the security breach and shared the information about the hack. According to them, the crypto platform was attacked by wicked and professional hackers and they have rolled out the fund in the form of Native Token SSX. Moreover, the officials have assured the users about the urgent parameters adopted by the firm and have contacted Interpol and local authorities in this regard. Somesing quickly responded to the hack and reported to the National Police Agency to investigate the case.

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It’s confirmed as an external attack by professional hackers, prompting Somesing to work with local authorities and Interpol to catch the culprits. The stolen tokens include 504 million intended for future use and 226 million already in circulation. Somesing stressed that none of its team members were involved.

Somesing and South Korean Crypto Market Responds

Somesing’s hack has prompted the crypto community to rethink security measures. The platform’s collaboration with law enforcement and organizations like Interpol emphasizes the need for swift responses to cyber threats.

The incident highlights the ongoing challenges in securing digital assets within the cryptocurrency sector. Investigations and collaborative efforts will shape discussions on cybersecurity, user protection, and the resilience of blockchain platforms against evolving threats.

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