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Tron is ‘Banking the Unbanked’ Instead of Solana or Bitcoin, Say Analysts

Wang highlights Tron’s role in banking the unbanked, citing its speed, affordability, and stablecoin dominance, particularly in P2P transactions.

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Tron blockchain is better than BTC and ETH

Qiao Wang, the senior customer support alliance at DAO claims that Tron blockchain is banking the unbanked at the global level. He is of the view that Tron blockchain, the smart contract is more efficient and one of the toughest competitors of Ethereum and is considered to be a better option for banking the unbanked as compared to Solana or Bitcoin.

Tron: ‘Banking The Unbanked’

Wang shared his remarks through the X (formerly Twitter) post mentioning that Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL) are too new, volatile and expensive for developing countries. Contrary to that, Tron is fast, efficient, and cheaper and the only blockchain platform that has helped bank the unbanked in multiple countries. Moreover, he made clear that Tron is longer exists than the emerging known layer-1 Solana platform or even layer-2 platforms like Optimism (OP) and Arbitrum (ARB).  

Wang used on-chain data, showing most USDT activity happens on Tron. People over Tron use it for payment solutions and money transfers. Tron’s success comes from its structure, coping with the limitations of Ethereum by handling more transactions affordably. Moreover, Tron was among those who supported USDT during the early phases.

‘Tron’s Objective is to Serve the World’, Justin Sun

Nic Carter from the Castle Island Venture supported the stance Wang’s stance about the efficiency of Tron and affirmed that Tron has banked the unbanked. Moreover, he said that a lot is happening in the stablecoin space as prominent crypto firms like Fintech and banks are complicating custodying collateral and minting.

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Justin Sun, Tron’s co-founder chimed into the conversation assuring that Tron is a reliable platform already serving approximately 8 billion people at the global level.  Justin shared with the followers that still Tron is in its early stages of development but is committed to following its objectives to serve the world.

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