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US Judge Favors Human Originality in a Decree in an AI-Related Copyright Case

The verdict says that AI-generated artworks do not qualify for protection related to copyrights.

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The United States District Judge Beryl Howell, in his recent decree, maintained the viewpoint of the US Copyright Office. The respective stance is against the artworks that only artificial intelligence (AI) creates. The verdict says that AI-generated artworks do not qualify for protection related to copyrights. The verdict was witnessed during the increasing concerns regarding the likelihood of generative AI’s attempt to replace human writers and artists.

Judge Beryl Howell Denies Giving Copyrights to AI-Generated Artworks

More than a hundred days have passed since the start of the strike by the Hollywood writers. Keeping this in view, apprehensions have increased concerning the scriptwriters’ replacement by artificial intelligence. However, the regulations dealing with intellectual property have frequently maintained a positive stance for human ingenuity. They say that the provision of the copyrights is specified for the creations that originate from humans.

Howell ruled this in reaction to the legal dispute of Stephen Thaler (a neural network firm Imagination Engines’ CEO). The case is against the authorities’ rejection of the case of registering AI-produced creations. The executive argued that the AI qualifying the criteria of authorship should be categorized as an author.

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In this way, the work’s ownership should belong to the AI system’s owner, he added. On the other hand, Howell did not agree upon this stance. She emphasized the significance of humans, who operate as authors, in line with copyright law. In addition to this, Howell referred to former cases such as Burrow-Giles Lithographic Company v. Sarony.

The Judge Promotes Human Ingenuity with The Verdict

These cases favoured protection for human-generated ideas. Another case pointed out that even if an animal takes a photo, copyrights cannot be given to it. With the respective decision, Howell motivated humans in the case of creative endeavours. As per her, patents and copyrights were structured as protected property, promoting innovation and creation.

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