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Vitalik Buterin Appreciates Worldcoin’s Commitment to Privacy Concerns

Buterin stated that the team of the open-source protocol, Worldcoin (WLD) is doing great by endeavouring to guarantee the privacy of the user data.

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Vitalik Buterin Appreciates Worldcoin's Commitment to Privacy Concerns

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of the popular altcoin issuer Ethereum, has recently remarked on Worldcoin’s privacy concerns. He stated that the team of the open-source protocol is doing great by endeavouring to guarantee the privacy of the user data.

He took to X to reply to a post and addressed the project that Sam Altman (the CEO of OpenAI) founded. In his post, Buterin venerated the efforts of Worldcoin to respond to privacy apprehensions seriously.

Ethereum Co-Founder Celebrates Worldcoin’s Strict Actions to Ensure User Privacy

He said that it is commendable to shield the personal information of the users by utilizing cryptography. He opined that taking strict actions in reaction to the criticism to improve the system design seems remarkable.

In October last year, the Ethereum co-founder articulated some apprehensions concerning the project. Particularly, he pointed toward Worldcoin’s fundamental mechanism to validate human identity with iris scanning.

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He cautioned that the rich actors might use the collected crucial information of the users to fulfil their malicious purposes. Worldcoin’s practices to collect biometric data have been going through regulatory measures worldwide.

The National Data Protection Commission of Portugal provisionally halted the project on the 26th of March for nearly ninety days.

Regulators Around the Globe Scrutinize Worldcoin with Significant Restrictions

The agency referred to the concerns dealing with facial and iris scans without suitable consent. Just like that, the Data Protection Agency of Spain ordered a 3-month prohibition on the data collection of Worldcoin. This began on the 6th of March with the agency citing the analogous issues. In response, the project filed some legal appeals.

Nonetheless, the court affirmed the AEPD’s decision and rejected Worldcoin’s appeals. These events indicate an increasing scrutiny that the regulators are exercising against the project in diverse jurisdictions.

These jurisdictions also take into account Kenya and Hong Kong. The subsequent investigations by the regulatory agencies have resulted in the issuance of restrictions on the operations of the project.

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