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What Are Telegram Bots? How Unibots Are Useful in Crypto

Telegram bots execute commands within chats, enabling seamless actions without leaving the platform. They respond to user instructions autonomously.

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Unibot assisting telegram users as telegram bots

Unibot is a new and advanced form of Telegram Bot that enables users to trade their crypto assets without leaving the Telegram platform. These bots are quite convenient to use and offer a set of unique features like DEX-based limit orders, protection against the MEV bots and decentralized copy trading.

In the last couple of weeks, telegram bots have gathered much attention from the crypto community due to their potential to level the ground among traders and offer investors access to different opportunities which were not available to them before.  

Unibots are evident of their rising demand in the last couple of months as their user counts, revenue and trading volume are increasing day by day. Moreover, the platform’s $UNIBOT is being counted among the best-performing tokens of the year.

This article gives a comprehensive introduction to Unibots, their functionality, capabilities and the benefits of telegram bots.

Understanding Telegram Bots

Telegram bots can be regarded as scripts that respond to the given command by the telegram users. These instructions are given to the bots in chats telegram chats and you don’t have to leave the platform to trigger the action. Telegram bots are designed to automatically act upon the instructions.

telegram chatbots

Bots are not new in the crypto space, they have been assisting the crypto community before. They have been in use for the last couple of years and they assist in automating the given tasks and make it convenient for people to carry out reliable crypto transactions. We can use bots for different purposes, a few of which are given below;

  • For Accepting Payments: Telegram users can integrate their crypto assets with their bots used to accept the crypto payments.
  • Trading: Digital assets of telegram bots i.e., $UNIBOT can be used for trading cryptocurrencies on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap.
  • Wallet Services: TON (The Open Network) offers a Telegram Wallet Bot that can be used for storing, trading, selling and buying crypto assets within the Telegram application.
  • Tracking: Developers can build bots to track the prices of cryptocurrencies, and data and share the information with their users.   

Telegram Bots are gaining much attraction in the crypto community due to their ability to create group chats and encrypted messages. Moreover, they can automate a few other functions like responding to questions, linking users to relevant resources and banning irrelevant users.

Significant Features of Unibots

Telegram bots are designed for more secure and reliable automated trading and payment transactions. Its tools are capable of executing trade by copying the successful trader and defending against the MEV bots.

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These bots are free of cost and can be managed easily through Telegram’s user interface. Telegram bots are considered to be 6 times faster as compared to manual trading on Uniswap. These bots are more efficient for trading due to multiple reasons.

  • Limit Orders: These bots automatically execute the orders when the desired price is achieved in the market and allow traders to buy while prices are low and sell when prices are high.
  • Sniper Tools: Automatically copy successful wallets‘ trades or catch new tokens with Mirror Sniper and Method Sniper.
  • Fail Guard Sell: Evaluate the chances of the failure to avoid gas fees and optimize profits.
  • PNL Analysis: Convenient track of loss or profit by Unibots.
  • Private Transactions: Make secure trades that guard against MEV bots, minimizing the risk of front-running or sandwich attacks.

How to Use Unibots?

As Unibot is a Telegram Bot, so first of all, you’ll have to install Telegram. Get registered and follow the following steps to use telegram bots.

  • Step 1: Search ‘unibotsniper_bot’ and load the bot.
  • Step 2: After loading the bot, click on “Start” to activate the bot. The Bot will create 3 wallets for you for trading purposes.
  • Step 3: Buy Tokens: Buy tokens of your desire and put them in any of the three wallets. Select the options of private transactions, frontrun protection and fail guard. Choose a wallet and amount for trade and give commands to the bots.
  • Step 4: User the Mirror Sniper for the copy trading tool and then follow the instructions for copy trading.
  • Step 5: Use Method Sniper for further automated trading using telegram bots.


Unibot represents a significant advancement in the world of cryptocurrency trading within the Telegram platform. Its innovative features, such as DEX-based limit orders and protection against MEV bots, have got attention and praise from the crypto community. These developments highlight the promising future of Unibot and its potential to democratize access to crypto trading opportunities for investors.

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