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What Are The Crypto Wallet Trackers? A Complete Guide for the Beginners

Crypto wallet trackers are tracking tools that can help you track the movements of large crypto asset holders like whales. This information can be helpful for making informed trading decisions.

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Cryptocurrency is an advanced financial technology that is evolving day by day, It has revolutionized the payment and trading perspective at the global level. Being a decentralized finance (DeFi) it isn’t governed by the regularities and gives the users a sense of confidence and security to the crypto assets owner.  

The crypto industry is transparent like an open ledger where everybody can see the movements of digital assets. Users generally store their crypto assets in their digital wallets which are only accessible to them. When you enter the crypto industry, you enter the realm of possibilities which come at stake. To cope with such risks, you look for secure features, and crypto wallet trackers are one of those features which enable you to track and manage your digital assets in the crypto industry.

What are Crypto Wallet Trackers?

crypto wallet trackers insight

Crypto wallet trackers are advanced tracking tools that help users to track their cryptocurrency transactions and holdings. They can be used to track the portfolio’s value of the users and transactions. Crypto wallet trackers also guide the user with insights into their spending habits and investment performance.

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Etherscan, Debank, Nansen, Arkham Intelligence, and DexCheck are considered among the top crypto wallet trackers. This article enlightens us about the comprehensive introduction of the crypto wallet tracker, and their features and also guides us on how to choose the crypto wallet tracker suitable to our needs.

How to Choose Crypto Wallet Trackers

While selecting a crypto wallet tracker, keep the following in mind and then choose according to your needs:

  • Features: Different crypto wallet trackers have a defined set of features, select the one that is most suitable to your needs.
  • Ease of use: Select the crypto wallet trackers that are easy to use and understand, it’ll help you to manage and track crypto assets more easily.
  • Security: Choose a secure wallet tracker which offers encryption and two-factor authentication.

After selecting the crypto wallet trackers, you are advised to do the following on a regular basis;

  • Set up auto alerts for price, transactions and other related events
  • Review your crypto portfolio on a regular basis
  • Use the analytical tools of trackers for better control over digital assets
  • Be cautious about the risks and threats

Few Significant Crypto Wallet Trackers

  • Etherscan

Etherscan is a tool that helps people find information about the Ethereum blockchain. It is similar to a search engine, but it is specifically for the Ethereum blockchain. Etherscan can be used to find information about transactions, wallet addresses, smart contracts, and more.

  • Debank

DeBank is a tracking tool to help you track your cryptocurrency holdings and transactions. It supports a wide range of DeFi (decentralized finance) protocols, including decentralized exchanges (DEXes), margin trading platforms, stablecoins and lending protocols.

  • Nansen

Nansen is like an advanced tracking tool for crypto investors. It adds names to wallet addresses, assists in finding good deals, checks for risks, and gives real-time updates.

  • Arkham Intelligence

Arkham Intelligence gives the details about the ownership of the crypto wallets and makes it convenient to regulate the crypto assets.

  • DexCheck

DexCheck offers smart tools for blockchain and trading. It simplifies complex data for beginners and lets you copy successful traders.


Crypto wallet trackers are tracking tools that can help you track the movements of large crypto asset holders like whales. This information can be helpful for making informed trading decisions. Crypto wallet trackers work by connecting to external APIs to collect data from the blockchain. This data is then packaged into an easy-to-understand format.

Many crypto wallet trackers also offer customized features, such as push notifications, so that you can stay up-to-date on transactions without having to constantly check the blockchain. In short, crypto wallet trackers are a valuable tool for anyone who wants to learn more about the movements of large crypto investors.

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