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Worldcoin CEO Reveals Upcoming Upgrade of Orb Device

Worldcoin CEO Alex Blania announces Orb device upgrade amid privacy concerns, promising a user-friendly design and significant user interest.

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Worldcoin CEO Reveals Upcoming Upgrade of Orb Device

In a recent announcement, CEO Alex Blania of Tools for Humanity, the organization behind the controversial Worldcoin‘s Orb device, unveiled plans for an upcoming upgrade. Despite privacy concerns surrounding the project’s business model, Blania found the forthcoming transformation of the Orb device, describing it as clear from an Apple product.

The disclosure was made during a fireside chat at a StrictlyVC event, highlighting Worldcoin’s ongoing efforts to create a global identity and financial network.

A Fresh Look for Worldcoin’s Orb Device

The next iteration of the Orb device is scheduled for release in the first half of this year and promises a departure from its previous design. Blania emphasized that users can anticipate alternative colours and form factors to present a more user-friendly and approachable appearance. Blania hinted at a more streamlined and attractive device, unlike an Apple product.

Privacy Concerns Linger

While Worldcoin’s innovative technology has collected investment, it has not been without its share of scepticism and backlash, largely rooted in concerns over data privacy. The project has encountered resistance, especially in developing economies. In a noteworthy instance, the Kenyan government expressed apprehensions about data protection and questioned Worldcoin’s business model, leading to official investigations.

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Blania defended the project before a Kenyan Parliamentary Ad Hoc Committee, addressing allegations of unauthorized data mining in Kenya. Despite the controversy, Blania remained resolute, acknowledging that the project and its Orb device have expressed polarized reactions, with supporters and critics alike. 

Over 19000 new registrations were on the Worldcoin site in the first week alone. Despite the privacy-related issues and criticism, there is an increase in interest. This suggests an interest in Worldcoin’s vision for a universal identity system and financial network.

Alex Blania, the CEO of Worldcoin, recently revealed plans to redesign their Orb device, aiming to achieve a more user-friendly design that resembles Apple’s aesthetic. Despite ongoing privacy concerns, this project is interested in new user registrations. The development of Worldcoin’s Orb device and its potential influence on the wider cryptocurrency market is expected to be a focal point of attention shortly.

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